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If you have been sitting on the fence between a semester at home or a trip abroad…
If you are on the edge of saying yes to the unknown…
If you’re contemplating what studying abroad could do for you…
Look no further. This is your sign to say YES.

Not only will studying abroad shake your worldview and expand your global perspective, but it is also a way to make friends all over the world. I have friends from Italy, Germany, Canada, and The Netherlands all because they said yes to studying abroad in the United States. These unlikely friends inspired me to study abroad later on, which is now one of the best decisions I have ever made! Studying abroad opens up opportunities you never dreamed of and can expand your worldview dramatically.

Because of this trip I took through Millennium Tours, I actually got to meet up with my friend Sanne from The Netherlands. Just as I was able to share American culture with Sanne in her time studying abroad, she shared Dutch culture with me in my time abroad! As I was visiting around Amsterdam, she took the time to show me the city of Utrecht. We were able to see each other after almost seven years of long distance friendship– all because of Millennium Tours and saying yes to studying abroad.

Millennium Tours seriously took care of my group and made all of our travels between four different countries possible. Not only possible, but as smooth and care-free as could be so that we could focus on the trip itself instead of stressing about how to get from one place to another.It was so comforting to know we were covered in all our endeavors. My group seamlessly moved from Paris to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Copenhagen, Copenhagen to London, and London to Stratford-upon-Avon. What a whirlwind of a trip!

Now as I reflect on my time abroad, I can’t help but encourage others to say yes, take a trip, and do the same. The possibilities are endless! Now, if you’re a student like me, the cost of a study abroad trip can be daunting. I’d love to share two tips on how a trip like this was even possible once I decided to say yes… because remember, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

  1. Search and apply for scholarships! This was the biggest game changer for me in the process of preparing to go abroad. There are even scholarships made specifically for students hoping to study abroad! Check scholarship websites that group together different kinds and cater to what you need based on your interests and academics.
  2. Fundraise or start a gofundme page. I happen to love baking so I sold baked goods as a way to raise money. Professors, fellow students, family, and friends all appreciate something like this because they get a little something out of it too! Whatever you do, make sure to thank people for supporting you and send them pictures in a recap from your trip!

So in review, say YES to the possibilities and be proactive. And once you’re in the process of making it a reality, you know you can trust Millenium Tours with the logistics of the trip itself.
Happy travels!

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