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The Elegance Of Asia

The delicate elegance of Asian art and architecture belies the pure strength and fortitude of this ancient land. Here, on the world’ largest and most populous continent, you’ll step into a visual chronology of the human experience – from centuries-old temples and mystic shrines dotting the rural countryside to grand Colonial-period structures and sleek, modern skyscrapers that rise to form impressive urban skylines.

Asia is also home to two of the Seven Wonders of the World: The Great Wall of China, known to be the largest man-made structure on Earth; and The Taj Mahal of India, a pristine, pearlescent monument to unconditional love. Elsewhere, you can explore the exotic Temples of Angkor in Cambodia and Ayutthaya in Thailand, both treasured wonders in their own right. Then, travel to ancient towns like Hue, Hoi An, and Halong Bay in Vietnam, which are UNESCO landmarks and World Heritage Sites.

And, of course, there’s the cuisine. Sampling local Asian cuisine is one of the most eagerly awaited parts of any trip to Asia. Enroll in cooking classes where you’ll discover the sweet taste of exotic regional fruits. Visit rice, tea, or spice plantations to learn about their impact and influence on the world. Asia is also home to a wide array of factories and plants that produce consumer products that are sold internationally. Let Millennium Tours show you, firsthand, how commerce and culture come together in this inspiring part of the world.

Destinations & Sample Itineraries



This breathtaking journey of Japan has it all – modern and bustling Tokyo, hot springs in Hakone, delectable dishes in Osaka, exquisite temples in Kyoto, and much more. You’ll be immersed in the best of modern Japan as you start in Tokyo and continue to a traditional ryokan in Hakone, feed the revered deer in Nara, and vise the sacred temples in Kyoto.




The volunteer experience in China offers a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the local community while experiencing the fascinating, rich culture and history of this incredible land. Participants will volunteer in areas such as teaching English in schools during summer instruction. Responsibilities include assistance in running classes and lesson planning.




This incredible journey has it all – bustling Bangkok, the enchanting north, and breathtaking beaches in the south. You’ll experience authentic Thailand in luxury with expert local guides – learn about the fascinating historical and cultural legacy, experience gentle elephants up close, savor mouth-watering cuisine, experience luxurious spa treatments, take in the breathtaking landscapes of the Golden Triangle, and regenerate on your private beach.


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