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Our Study Abroad Programs Are Magnum Cum Lauded

Millennium Tours Study Abroad Programs

Are All About Learning, Fun & Peace Of Mind

There’s no doubt about it. Millennium Tours’ Study Abroad Programs are one of the greatest educational tools on the planet. For the students, they provide an immersive learning experience in exotic and exciting new environments. For the planners and parents, we deliver peace of mind by striving to ensure that every student enjoys a safe, secure and hassle-free experience, every step of the way.

A group trip to Baylor, India hosted planned and guided by Millennium Tours
Language & Academic Programs

Immersive Learning Is Our Forte

Study-abroad programs are widely recognized as the best way to master a language or absorb another culture’s heritage. Consistent and sustained contact with a country’s language, people, academics, architecture, businesses, geography, and environment will exponentially enrich your learning experience. We work with language-immersion programs across the globe and have established partnerships with local academic and cultural institutions.

Your department’s language or academic program can expand the opportunities you offer your students by integrating these study-abroad opportunities into your curriculum. Programs like these are often deciding factors when students are choosing the majors and minors they will pursue while in undergraduate school.


Large & Small Groups

We work with school groups of every shape, sort, and size. We service higher ed institutions, both large and small, public and private, as well as partnering with Study Abroad associations and extra-curricular education-based organizations and non-profits.


Popular Programs


English Literature Programs – Tour with authors and visit important sites related to Charles Dickens, JK Rowling/Harry Potter, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, and more.

Southeast Asian

Supply Chain & Manufacturing – Focus on study for a Master’s Degree that includes site visits to logistics companies, factories, and manufacturing plants.


MBA Business & NGO – Trips arranged in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and South Africa. Can include luxury safaris, photo safaris, and corporate club tours.

South Amercian

Psychology Program – Travel Peru visiting local NGOs with Machu Picchu excursions and MBA trips to tour companies in Chile and Columbia.

Planners, Parents & Travelers
We Have Your Back

Local Partnerships

Millennium Tours’ Study Abroad expertise is hard-wired into our DNA. We’ve been establishing and nurturing local partnerships with a vast array of providers, all across the world, for over four decades. Our relationships cover every imaginable aspect of overseas travel, from planning and logistics to cultural, academic, and leisure activities. If it involves world travel, we’ve done it.


On-Ground Support

Our professional team of travel experts manages everything for you. Millennium Tours’ network of in-country support personnel helps with international flights, accommodations, ground transportation, tour-guide services, rail passes, theater tickets, entrance tickets, specialized visits, service-learning activities, group meals, cultural excursions, and more.


24/7 Assistance

Our Emergency Help Line is on-call 24/7 to assist with any challenges that arise during any of our study-abroad programs. We assist with everything from cancelled flights and missed connections to homesick blues and unexpected mishaps. You name it, we’re here to help resolve challenges – and to instill you with a sense of ease – all along the way.


A Few Of The Kudos We’ve Received

Don’t just take it from us. The best compliments we receive come from the planners we work with and the travelers we serve.


Let’s Get Started

Every Journey Begins With A First Step


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