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When you see the word London, what do you think of? Probably the Union Jack, the River Thames, Big Ben, the London Eye, and loads and loads of fish and chips. While all of these are definitely symbols of the city ‘Where Royalty Lives,’ it is most certainly not a comprehensive expression of the character of the city today.

London is full to the brim, bursting with cultures from all over the world. England has a rich history and you can learn all about it in one of the 192 museums in London. But what’s more, you can take a step outside or hop on a tube to discover some of the different ways of life in this English city.

Over 300 languages are spoken daily on the streets of London, although English is still the national language and the one you’ll find on the street signs. That being said, there is a surplus of culture just waiting to be experienced in this one city, and what better way to experience culture than through food?!

Let me preface by saying that food is JUST ONE of many ways you can tap into a culture and its history. During your time abroad with Millennium Tours, wherever you go, I hope you take the time to dig deep and discover culture beyond the surface. But if you’re looking where to get started, may this blog inspire your journey through food and be the beginning of your exploration of the beauty tucked in other nations, languages, and ways of life.

I wish someone had told me just how much there was to discover in London before I arrived. I mean, wow. I am a foodie, so visiting a new place means researching the types of food available and cool places to check out in the area. Don’t get me wrong, everyone should experience the fish and chips or the scones with clotted cream, but London is a global hub where the possibilities are endless. For example, did you know that London is home to one of the largest Chinatowns in the world? While my lack of preparation prevented me from being able to eat a whole meal there, I definitely had to stop for some boba at a local shop.

There is also an increasing Indian population in London! While there are hundreds of languages spoken in India and a plethora of subset cultures, there are some distinctly traditional flavors packed into Indian food. Doing your research on what regions of a nation certain flavors come from is so rewarding and always seems to make the food taste even better! One of the top highlights from my entire trip abroad was visiting a restaurant called Dishoom. This top-tier UK chain is known for combining flavors from Mumbai and the feel of Irani cafés, with their slogan being “From Bombay with love.” I mean, come on, it hardly gets better than this! Their story is unique and only contributes to the immaculate experience I shared with newfound friends at their London location. Seriously, Dishoom left such an impression on me that I found out they recently released a cookbook… you better believe that’s been added to my wishlist! At the end of the day, only you can make yourself branch out. With the help of Millennium Tours, you can become a global citizen! Start small and taste the flavors of the world.

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