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The Allure Of Africa

Africa is a vast and alluring continent in every conceivable sense — its land mass comprises the world’s second-largest continental surface area. It is home to the world’s longest river, the River Nile, and the largest hot desert on the planet, the Sahara. Within its boundaries, Africa houses 54 sovereign countries and a multitude of cultures, languages and tribal societies. It would take even the most prolific explorer several lifetimes just to experience all Africa has to offer.

Considered by archeologists to be the Cradle of Mankind, Africa is the oldest inhabited continent on Earth – and a destination like no other. It boasts a cultural diversity and richness of tradition that will imbue any curious traveler with a wealth of memories to share with family, friends and associates when they return home. And despite its long history of inhabitance, Africa is still home to a wealth of rarely traveled and exotic locales replete with majestic wildlife, crystal-blue lakes with pearly white shores, amazing flora, and towering mountains.

Experience Africa’s varied climate, landscape, and wildlife. Choosing the best time to visit depends on your interests and what you’re hoping to see. If you’re planning a safari trip to Africa, visit during the dry season. From May to August, the rains are infrequent, driving the wildlife to nearby waterholes and making it easy to spot elusive creatures like lions and leopards. Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe all offer incredible safari experiences!

Destinations & Sample Itineraries



Each day on this safari brings new perspectives and experiences. Snow-capped mountains. Cavernous valleys. Sweeping savannahs. Vast deserts. Lush forests. Sparkling lakes. Arid plains. Romantic beaches. Vibrant waterfalls. And, most especially, animals by the thousands.


Tanzania & Zanzibar

This incredible journey has it all – majestic wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and the island paradise of Zanzibar. You’ll experience Tanzania with your own local guide and a private 4×4 vehicle. Trek through the country’s great national parks for a chance to encounter wildebeests, warthogs, baboons, hippos, and elephants.


Kenya & Tanzania

The MBA Program in Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam offers a view into the modern and complex business landscapes in East Africa. Participants will have exclusive access to influential leaders across several key industries including Consumer Products, Automobiles, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics, Financial, and Technology.



This volunteer experience in Ghana offers a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the local community while experiencing the fascinating and rich culture of this incredible country. Participants will volunteer in areas such as teaching English or assisting at a local charity. You will volunteer, interact with locals, and explore the land.


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