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Adventures Feel Richer When They’re Shared

Millennium Tours Group Travel Excursions

Bring People Together In One-Of-A-Kind Ways

No other travel partner offers a greater depth of knowledge and experience than Millennium Tours. We’re experts at planning group-vacation packages. Whether you’re organizing tours for a company, a hobby or special-interest group, a retirement community, or anything in between, we’ve got the background to ensure a quality experience every step of the way.

A Few Of The Perks We Provide

When you book with Millennium Tours, you’ll enjoy all these benefits and more:

  • Discounts For All Club Members On Airfare, Lodging, Excursions & More
  • Customized Planning Based On Your Club’s Interests and Needs
  • Personal Assistance From Our Team Throughout Your Trip
  • Emergency & Crisis Assistance 24/7/365 When Traveling Abroad
  • VIP Access to Unique Locations Facilitated Through Our Local Relationships
  • Specially Tailored Accommodations For Business Or Group-Meeting Needs
  • The Confidence Of Partnering With A Travel Provider Who Understands International Regulations During Covid-19
  • Less Financial Risk: Deposit Required Only 100 Days Prior to Departure
  • Full Payment Due 60 Days Prior to Departure
Company Clubs

We’ve Redefined Employee Break Time

Employees who work hard to achieve success also deserve to play at the very highest level. And that’s exactly how we approach our partnership with Company Travel Clubs. We design experiences that are not only fun but that also enhance professional learning, promote team bonding, and boost internal morale — all of which helps to increase productivity.

The Ultimate

Benefits Package

  • Employers who provide Company Travel Clubs reap a lot of rewards:
  •  Increased Employee Loyalty & More Effective Working Relationships
  • More Attractive Employee-Benefits Packages To Offer Recruits
  • Enhanced Group Productivity Through Shared Life Experiences
  • Overall, A More Positive & Productive Work Culture

If you’re organizing a company travel event and don’t yet have an in-house Employee Travel Club, we can help. And if you already do, even better! Either way, contact us today and we’ll be happy to share with you what makes us unique among Employee Travel Club providers and the potential value, convenience, and savings you’ll enjoy when you partner with Millennium Tours.


A Few Of The Kudos We’ve Received

Don’t just take it from us. The best compliments we receive come from the planners we work with and the travelers we serve.


Retirement Community Clubs

Intended For Mature Audiences Only

Modern independent-living communities are often more like resorts than retirement homes. So, when you’re planning for discriminating seniors, it’s important to create experiences that are both extraordinary and memorable.

Let us help you ensure that they are. In addition to creating magical itineraries, our planning takes into consideration factors such as mobility issues, accessibility to healthcare resources, and other travel concerns unique to seniors.


Hobby & Special-Interest Clubs

Packages That Pique Your Interests

Travel that is tailored to the hobbies or shared interests of a specialized group can result in some of the most interesting travel experiences ever. We’ll work with you to craft an itinerary that best fits your club members’ mutual interests.

We craft travel packages for every type of interest, from quilting, botanical gardening and beer brewing to chateau hopping, hiking and nature viewing.


Meetup Clubs

From Any Hub, For Any Club

One of the best ways for diverse groups of travelers to share common adventures is through Meetup Clubs that originate from coordinated points of departure, like nearby airports, train stations, or ports of call.

Our Travel Planners are experts in orchestrating exciting excursions to popular destinations that appeal to group members with common travel interests.


Let’s Get Started

Every Journey Begins With A First Step


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