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When people are given the opportunity to travel to the UK, most people don’t automatically think of Stratford-upon-Avon. However, this quaint town has a splendor to it that is all its own. I want to encourage a dive into this unassuming must-see because the whole town is one big historical landmark! Seriously, this was one of the most magical stops in my time abroad. But why listen to the words of just one person? Because I made you an acrostic poem to prove just how special

Stratford-Upon-Avon really is.

S – is for… Slow down and stroll the streets. Here in Stratford, the pace of life is slower. It’s not your typical London scene. You can take a leisurely pace along the cobblestone paths down to the park, to the riverside, or the shops in the village. There really is no wrong way to go when you are taking in the beautiful surroundings of the age-old town. The best part: everything really is within walking distance!

T – is for… Trinity– as in the Holy Trinity Church. This church is home to a sweet congregation and is the church where Shakespeare himself was baptized and buried. The current building was constructed in 1210 and built in the shape of a cross. It is a lovely place to take a moment to pray, reflect, meditate, or simply checkout where one of the greatest playwrights of the English language is buried.

R – is for… Rowing on the Avon. I cannot emphasize this one enough. You simply MUST carve out time to row on the Avon river. This, I think, is the most relaxing breath of fresh air you can find in Stratford– and that’s saying something since it is all so wonderful!

A – is for… Anne Hathaway’s Cottage. This is where Shakespeare’s wife, Anne Hathaway,lived. In this humble abode, there’s a small tour you can take to understand what life would have been like for Shakespeare’s family, gardens you can stroll, and of course, a gift shop to check out. If you go in season, there’s even a plethora of apples that are ripe and falling off the trees for the taking!

T – is for… The Birthplace– Shakespeare’s birthplace, that is. This place is a little more centrally located, conveniently next to gift shops, restaurants, and a candy store. But the real treasure lies within– this Elizabethan era home boasts (for all you Shakespeare fans) The First Folio, along with some exquisite pieces of furniture from the era. In another part of the home, you can even see where a young Shakespeare would have worked in his first trade– glove making! To top off your visit, you can pop into the bookshop and complete your Shakespeare collection!

F – is for… Four Teas. Walking into this tea shop transports you back to the forties (get it?). The decor and music is all carefully crafted for your experience in war-era England. You can go all out with a three course afternoon tea filled with amazing sandwiches and desserts. Not sure where to begin with tea? Fear not, the staff is great with the selections and can help pick what suits your tastes!

O – is for… Oldest pub. The Garrick Inn, built in the 1400’s, is Stratford’s oldest pub. It has a delicious menu with English classics. Definitely worth the visit!

R – is for… Royal Shakespeare Company. This theatre is internationally renowned. It is home to some of the greatest Shakespeare productions with strong seasons every year. The Royal Shakespeare Company does not disappoint. I was fortunate enough to catch a performance of Richard III starring Arthur Hughes while I was there.

D – is for… Don’t skip the clotted cream! Last but certainly not least, clotted cream is a staple of the English diet. There is even a fudge made from this English delicacy you can buy at the candy shop near Shakespeare’s Birthplace. This truly delectable flavor will put your trip to Stratford over the top!

I hope this poetic attempt was enough to emphasize that Stratford is a dreamy little town that holds so much in store. From history buffs, English lovers, theatre-goers, to foodies, there is truly something for everyone in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

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