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The Mystery of Egypt

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From the massive Pyramids at Giza to the awe-inspiring Great Sphinx, no other travel destination possesses the mystery and antiquity of early civilization quite like Egypt. Its monumental ruins, its art and architecture, and its profound impact on the evolution of Western culture has left a lasting legacy that, down through the millennia, has inspired the imaginations of artists, writers, educators, and travelers from across the globe.

Let Millennium Tours reveal to you the magical mysteries of Egypt. We’ll prepare for you a customized itinerary that takes you to many of the most popular sites in this enigmatic land. In Luxor, explore the Valley of the Kings, the Temple at Hatshepsut, and the Colossi of Memnon. Then, sail the majestic Nile before disembarking to board a horse-drawn carriage to the Temple of Edfu. Your Millennium Tours excursion to Egypt can include all these marvelous destinations and so much more. Together, we’ll fashion for you the ideal Egyptian adventure.

9-Day Monuments Tour


This all-encompassing tour of Egypt’s most famous locations and most iconic sites originates in the sprawling metropolis of Cairo. Drink in the excitement of
one of the world’s most exotic cities before flying on to Luxor to tour the Valley of the Kings. Then, sail the Nile to visit the Temples of Karnak before  continuing on to Edfu, Kom Umbo, and finally, the legendary city of Memphis.


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8-Day Classic Tour


The Great Rift Valley in the Western Region of Kenya dates back 25 Million years to an age when its formation set the stage for the spectacular beauty it possesses today. Its collection of Freshwater Lakes and Reserves teem with wildlife. Lake Nakuru, a bird lover’s paradise, is home to over 2 million pink flamingoes and about 450 different species, including large numbers of Black Rhinos and White Rhinos who consider it their ideal breeding ground. Next, you’ll head further west to Maasai Mara Game Reserve for a walking safari to Masai Village. From there you’ll visit Lake Naivasha, site of the film “Out Of Africa” to observe its resident hippos and water birds. An adventure that, in every way, exemplifies Africa at its best.


11-Day Adventure Tour

Cairo/Bahariya Oases/Nile Cruise

Your lavish, 11-Day Egypt adventure starts in the capital city of Cairo and continues with a Nile River Cruise and a dream tour of the Bahariya Oasis, one of
the country’s most exotic oases. You’ll explore all the most stories sights throughout Cairo, Luxor and Aswan that, combined, will live in your memory as
the trip of a lifetime.


7-Day Pilgrimage Tour

Cairo/Marah/St. Catherine/Sharm El Sheikh

Explore some of the world’s most revered sites as you travel through Egypt’s contribution to the Holy Land. Visit the iconic Pyramids at Giza where Egyptian Civilization thrived in the millennia prior to Abraham, Moses, and Joseph. Follow the path of the Exodus across the Red Sea to the Marah, Amalekites and Mount Sanai. Then, an extraordinary journey to the clear waters, coral reefs and pristine beaches of Sharm El Sheikh.


8-Day Beach Holiday

Cairo/Sharm El Sheikh

Embark on an Egyptian Beach Holiday that provides an ideal combination of culture and relaxation. This trip is ideal for anyone who wants to experience
Egypt’s marvelous sites as well as luxuriating in total relaxation at its pristine beaches. You’ll be immersed in the region’s antiquity with visits to the Pyramids
at Giza and the world-renowned Egyptian Museum before escaping to the sandy shores, coral reefs and crystal-blue waters at Sharm El Sheikh.



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