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Travel Insurance

Millennium Tours

Travel Protection Plans

We have been using Allianz Travel Insurance for over 30 years, and we recommend to work with them directly as they are reliable to cover your investment, your belongings and most importantly, you. Read more about the benefits of purchasing travel insurance.

Please be sure to include our ACCAM # F024545, and Tour Operator name (Millennium Tours). If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Allianz Travel Insurance.



Smart travelers know peace of mind is the best way start to a great trip. A large part of relaxing travel is knowing covered medical emergencies, cancellations, baggage issues, and more can be protected with travel insurance. An emergency at home or a sickness can happen and prevent a traveler from going abroad or interrupt their trip. We hope this doesn’t happen to you so you should be protected if it does. This is why we strongly recommend covering your investment with a comprehensive travel protection plan offered through Allianz Travel Insurance. We advise purchasing the OneTrip Prime or OneTrip Premier plan as this includes the Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption.

OneTrip Prime Plan
OneTrip Premier Plan

If choosing to purchase travel insurance:

please reference: Millennium Tours, ACCAM’ #F024545

Allianz will protect a traveler if they become ill with Covid-19 before departure or during their trip. In addition, travel insurance covers numerous reasons for trip cancellation.


Cancellation insurance is highly recommended and must be purchased on your own by contacting Allianz Travel Insurance.


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