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The Romance Of Europe

Europe is the birthplace of Western civilization and culture. It is built on an intriguing history that spans the centuries and possesses an enduring artistic and cultural legacy unlike like anyplace else. Today’s modern Europe is comprised of 44 distinctly different countries with varied cultures, languages, traditions, and geographical landscapes. From the snow-capped peaks of jagged mountain ranges to sweeping coastlines, breathtaking fjords, and elegant world capitals, this continent truly has it all.

On an unforgettable, customized journey, let Millennium Tours professional tour guides bring the rich history of Europe to life as you discover the continent’s greatest treasures during unforgettable visits on curated tours, with 24/7 support from local experts. Sample world-class cuisines and fine local wines, visit storybook cities, explore ancient ruins, cruise the great rivers, hike through Alpine villages, and wander through some of the world’s great cities and towns. Our custom European journeys provide endless potential for lifelong memories.

Destinations & Sample Itineraries


Best Of France

This breathtaking journey has it all – bustling Paris, rustic Provence, and the iconic French Riviera. You’ll drink in spectacular art and architecture as you stroll the world’s finest museums in the “City of Lights”. Discover the incomparable beauty and charm of the Provençal countryside, and luxuriate in the sun on the legendary Cote d’Azur.



Italian Art & Culture

This program offers faculty leaders and their students an incredible opportunity to experience centuries of the Italian artistic legacy in person, from the treasures of ancient Rome to Byzantine mosaics, medieval masterpieces, and countess Renaissance works of art. Visit Rome, Orvieto, Arezzo, Florence, Verona, Venice, Padua and Milan.



Czech Republic & Portugal

The Executive MBA in Prague & Lisbon Program offers participants a firsthand glimpse into the complex business landscapes of these two European nations. The EMBA students will have exclusive access to influential business leaders across several key industries and will gain powerful insights into both the global and regional business climates.


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