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The Majesty Of Mexico & Central America

The absolute majesty of Mexico stretches from its primordial, volcanic mountain peaks to its sun-splashed beaches, lost temples, charming colonial towns, and ancient ruins. Mexico and Central America are both replete with natural wonders and converging cultures. This narrow isthmus is home to some of the greatest biodiversity in the world, some of the happiest people on the planet, and a mix of cultures, traditions and lifestyles than can be traced back thousands of years.

Relax and refresh in an historic hacienda in Mexico, explore captivating Mayan ruins at Tikal and Yaxha in Guatemala’s Peten Basin, or observe native monkeys traversing the misty canopies of a Costa Rican Rain Forest. Mexico and Central America are a haven for outdoor adventurers and, indeed, for anyone who loves beauty, admires history, and wants to immerse themselves in rich local cultures that are unlike any place else on earth.

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This breathtaking journey has it all – incredible archaeological excursions, delectable cuisine, natural wonders, and extraordinarily rich traditions. You’ll experience the best of modern Mexico as your start in Mexico City and continue on to explore centuries-old pre-Columbian Mayan ruins. You’ll tour stunning archaeological sites and will be immersed in the region’s rich legacy of colonial architecture.




This volunteer experience in Guatemala offers a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the local community while experiencing the fascinating and rich culture of this incredible country. Participants will volunteer in areas such as teaching English or assisting at a local charity. You will volunteer, interact with locals, and explore the land. Learn more with Millennium Tours today.


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