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Copenhagen is a quirky place where European class is matched by spunky city life. The contrast found within the city can spark some curiosity in travelers and raise questions on which sites are the “must-sees,” if you’re only there for a few days. Allow me to shed a little light on the subject! I was in Copenhagen, Denmark (or København, Danmark in Danish) for a grand total of three days, and I am here to tell you that this capital city stands on its own as a “must-see.”

In my opinion, if you’re visiting Copenhagen in general, you can’t go wrong. Especially with the care of Millennium Tours, you will be taken care of and your trip will be full of excitement. That being said, there is so much to explore in the capital of Denmark and you might be confused on where to begin. When I first arrived in Copenhagen, I was dumbfounded with my group’s itinerary. We had palace museums to visit as well as a trip to Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park.

Now, let me just say, when I travel, I love to experience a place’s culture– meaning language, food, religion, and local life. Typically, that does not include a stop to a grand amusement park in the middle of my museum explorations. Some of you might be thinking, “Um, hello?! Roller coasters are my JAM.” In my defense, I love a good roller coaster as much as the next person! However, when I’m in a foreign country, the thrilling experiences come to me by way of historical sites and art. Whether you are like me or are on the opposite end of the spectrum and don’t see the point in looking at ancient relics, let me attempt to convince you of why BOTH kinds of adventures need to be on your radar for your next trip to Copenhagen.

Let’s start with Tivoli Gardens, shall we? Tivoli may outwardly seem like an awkwardly located amusement park, like it was just dropped smack in the middle of the city, but no! There is more than meets the eye to this brilliant scene. Tivoli Gardens is actually a 19th century park, built in 1843, which makes it the world’s third largest operating amusement park! When it first opened, it was so dreamlike that guests were captivated. Legend has it that Hans Christian Andersen visited and was inspired to write his fairytale, Nightingale. For modern travelers, there is a temptation to find the latest, most instagrammable attractions, but I encourage you to lean into the history before you! This park can teach you a lot about Copenhagen’s history, all while giving you butterflies, putting you on a sugar high, and providing some cute photo ops!

Okay, so you decide to visit Tivoli Gardens. But do you have to go visit old castles where nobody even lives anymore? What’s the point? The point, my dear Millennium Tours friends, is the magic of the experience. Strolling through a palace is invigorating, and it just might wake up your inner royalty. Read about the fascinating history of monarchs and ponder the differences and similarities between the way they lived and how you live… after all, they were people too! Take a guided tour to learn niche facts or explore on your own and see what secret passageways you can find along the way. I visited three castles in three days: the Kronborg Castle (the one that inspired Shakespeare’s Hamlet), the Rosenborg Castle, and the Christiansborg Palace (bonus: this one has ruins to explore underneath!).

Each stop has a unique and rich story embedded within the castle walls. And this is your formal invitation to journey into the decadent lifestyle of kings and queens gone by. So if you’re crafting a trip itinerary for Copenhagen, don’t hold back from diving into the waters of the wondrous city sites. I think you’ll be surprised at what the city has to offer.

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