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Journeys So Idyllic, They Seem Heaven Sent

Millennium Tours Custom Faith-Based Tours Fill You With A Sense Of Spiritual Renewal

Helping travelers to explore their religious heritage, live out their personal faith, and revive their sense of inner spirituality is the primary goal of Millennium Tours Faith-Based Group-Travel Packages. Whether you’re organizing for a church group, a youth group, or a missionary group, we’ve got the background to ensure every excursion, every step of the way, is a truly religious experience.

Place Your Faith in Us

When you book with Millennium Tours, you’ll enjoy all these benefits and more:

  • Discounts For All Club Members On Airfare, Lodging, Excursions & More
  • Customized Planning Based On Your Club’s Interests and Needs
  • Personal Assistance From Our Team Throughout Your Trip
  • Emergency & Crisis Assistance 24/7/365 When Traveling Abroad
  • VIP Access to Unique Locations Facilitated Through Our Local Relationships
  • Access to Historically Relevant Accommodations For Faith-Based Groups
  • The Confidence Of Partnering With A Travel Provider Who Understands International Regulations During Covid-19
  • Less Financial Risk: Deposit Required Only 100 Days Prior to Departure
  • Full Payment Due 60 Days Prior to Departure
Faith-Based Group Tours

Live Your Faith

Journey back to the sacred sites and holy places visited each year by countless thousands of the faithful. Explore some of the world’s most revered regions in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and even in the U.S.

We work with you to tailor packages can be configured to include everything from a day at the Wailing Wall to seats at the Oberammergau Passion Play. Our faith-based adventures run the gamut, from pilgrimages, heritage tours, and cultural tours, to private church retreats, Holy Land tours, and so much more.

Pilgrimages & Holy Land Tours

Restore Your Spirit

Whether your religious tenets are steeped in the Bible, the Talmud, or the Koran, bring your faith to life, in your own life, with a pilgrimage to The Holy Land. Journey to Jerusalem to follow the path of Jesus Christ on the Via Dolorosa, pay homage at the Wailing Wall, pray facing Mecca at the Dome of the Rock.

Pilgrimages to The Holy Land place you directly at the sites of biblical events. Take a day trip across Israel, to the Dead Sea, or to the Sea of Galilee. If the spirit moves you, swim or soak in Dead Sea mud, known for its healing minerals. However you do it, we promise an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.


A Few Of The Kudos We’ve Received

Don’t just take it from us. The best compliments we receive come from the planners we work with and the travelers we serve.


Religious Heritage Tours

Explore Your Roots

Our spiritual roots are every bit as important as our biological roots. They help to define who we are. Explore yours in exciting destinations like Jordan or Greece, Ireland or Italy. Learn about the cultures and practices that gave birth to your beliefs. Explore the places where the Prophets and Disciples worked and lived.

Select from literally hundreds of experiences that will reveal to you to origins of your faith. There’s so much to see, so much to discover and so much to learn on our inspirational Religious Heritage Tours. Let’s start planning yours today.


Tours For Any Group

Tours For Every Faith

If your church group or faith-based organization is feeling the need to embark on a religious pilgrimage, a humanitarian mission, or an excursion to visit a sacred site, place your faith in Millennium Tours. We take the time to understand the needs of groups traveling as an act of faith. We’re here when you’re ready.


When your church members are ready to explore their faith, deepen their religious understanding, or share their knowledge with others, a religious trek can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Our faith-sensitive travel guides will help you worship, serve and minister where you please and as you desire.


Our planning experts provide the preparation and oversight necessary when groups of minors travel abroad. We know the pleasures and pitfalls that are inherent in youth groups traveling overseas for the first time. Rely on us to ensure their health and safety from the day they depart until the moment they return.


Preparing for overseas missions, whether for religious or humanitarian purposes, can be a daunting task. We help relieve that pressure by assuming responsibility for the logistics end of the equation, including transportation, lodging, and all other aspects of your travel. You focus on your mission, we’ll handle the rest.

Let’s Get Started

Every Journey Begins With A First Step


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