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Study Abroad Spain: Making Memories

Hey there! This long four-day weekend, my friends and I decided to go to Spain! With all the sites, food, and culture, it was one of the most amazing trips my friends and I have been on! Before I get into the good things, though, I need to tell future travelers about one thing to avoid if they decide to fly to Spain during their study abroad experiences. My friends and I decided that we wanted to visit Valencia first and then Madrid. We made the mistake of booking a round-trip flight from Brussels to Madrid, rather than separate one-way flights from Brussels to Valencia and then Madrid … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Spain: Barcelona & The Trip Home

Hola Amigos! I am writing to you from the comfort of my own bedroom back in Texas! Well, I did it! I have travelled around the globe and all over Europe and back and my semester abroad could not have been more of a dream. The very last place I visited on my travel adventures was the beautiful country of Spain. Spain is rich with culture, great food, beautiful artwork and has an incredible atmosphere. My friends and I visited Barcelona and Madrid before making our way back to The Netherlands and eventually flying back home to Texas. First I will start with Barcelona. Wow, what an … [Read more...]

Group Travel Europe: The Final Week

Finally Home! This is my last blog post for this year, and I’m writing in at the airport in Houston (!), waiting to board my flight back to Dallas. This is the final step in a long journey that has taken months. After countless almost-missed trains, sleepless nights, hours spent wandering European cities, I am finally back on American soil. I’d never thought I would be ready to leave Europe—I love it so much over there and had so much fun—but I am glad that our time in Europe has come to an end. In the last week of independent travel, we went to Lisbon, Madrid, and Barcelona. The Iberian … [Read more...]

Discovering Madrid: Siestas, Fiestas, and Discotecas!

When you think of Spain what comes to mind? This passionate Spanish culture, rich with flavor and tradition, never fails to present a good time for travelers. For Baylor study abroad student Rozlyn Veteto, Madrid, Spain meant siestas, fiestas, and discotecas. Read more about her Spanish getaway. After getting in pretty late on the first night, we made dinner in the apartment and hung out until class registration at 1am. It was nice to have a bit of chill time after a bunch of travel. In the morning, we woke up and met Erin’s friend Julianna. She is studying abroad in Madrid and offered … [Read more...]

Baylor in Maastricht: Spain & Portugal

Clergios Tower

By Madeline Wieters Between 7am and 11:30pm on Monday, we were in 6 different countries at one point or another. We got back from the group trip at 7:15, literally threw a week's worth of clothes into a backpack, and were in a taxi on our way to the airport by 7:45. Madness. We boarded a couple hours later for the 2.5 hour flight to Portugal. We arrived in Porto at 11:15pm and got tickets for the Metro, following our somewhat vague directions to our hostel. Downtown Porto It wasn't until we got off the Metro that I realized how clueless we were. Cue Angel #1. We found a girl (who … [Read more...]


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