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Study Abroad vs. Travel Abroad: How to Find a Balance

When I thought about my study abroad experience before it happened, I pictured day trips, and weekend trips and lots of traveling. I listed out where all I wanted to go- far more places than I had time or money for. However, I didn’t think about my essays, exams, and projects. During my time abroad, I had a difficult time finding the balance between study and travel. I am not sure why I didn’t think about my classwork before hand but there is definitely a way to balance both of these priorities. Here are my tips for going to a lot of places AND keeping up with classes. Take advantage of … [Read more...]

Study Abroad London: An Anglophile in England

With the increased access of Americans to English television programs through cable and the Internet, one could say that there has been a second wave of the British Invasion. Most Americans are now more familiar with British pop culture than ever before, watching programs like Doctor Who and Downtown Abbey. BBC America recently coined a term, describing such people as “Anglophiles,” or people obsessed with England. I considered myself to have been an Anglophile before it was even cool. I grew up reading fat English novels and watching English film and television. It was just what I … [Read more...]

Group Travel: Traversing the UK

We do a lot of walking in student group travel. Of course it’s understandable that we’d walk most everywhere in London, but something I didn’t consider before our arrival was the amount of pavement pounding I’d be in for in all of the smaller towns we set off to in afternoons after class. Our first encounter with the walking way was on Friday when Dr. Weaver took us on a 5.5 hour walking tour of the city. Down Exhibition Road we went, first to see the Hyde Park Gate closest to our dorms, then all the way down to the end of the road where we were introduced to our local tube stop and the … [Read more...]

Group Travel Bloggers Take on Europe

  Millennium Tours is pleased to announce the newest additions to the student group travel bloggers team this summer! Traveling with Baylor University's Baylor in Great Britain program (an educational travel tour Millenium Tours has been arranging for 29 years), these travel writers in training will document their adventures, and they invite you to come along. Get to know our bloggers!   Hello! I am an incoming junior at Baylor University where I am a Corporate Communications major. I also like to dabble in literature, philosophy, and things I consider to be … [Read more...]

Throwback Thursday: Student Group Travel to UK

Student Group Travel to Ireland

Happy Throwback Thursday! In celebration of finals coming to an end and the many student group travel tours embarking in the coming weeks, we thought we'd pull this post from the archives. This is a guest post by Madeline Wieters who participated in the Baylor in Maastricht study abroad program in the summer of 2013.  Here's what I hadn't bargained for this summer: school. I tend to gloss over the "study" part of "study abroad." That being said, the last week of classes was a rude awakening when I had to write my first two papers of college (I love being a business major), both … [Read more...]

London & Ireland: Best Spring Break Ever

After a long winter, it may have seemed spring would never arrive. For this group of student travelers Spring Break came just in time—a break away from classes for time to take in the sights of England and Ireland.  This week, we had our “spring break” due to Carnival, a week-long celebration in Maastricht. Many of us took advantage of the break by flying to London and Ireland. Though I called it a “vacation,” at some point, I realized that this whole trip is, in a way, a vacation. Yes, I am taking classes. But when you travel to a new country every weekend, it’s hard to think of … [Read more...]

Top 5 Highlights from a London Excursion

Last week, we sent our Baylor students in Maastricht on a trip to London. According to Rozlyn Veteto, "It was a week packed full of shows, history, and other fun adventures. It would be impossible to fit everything we did into one [blog] post." Here are the five major highlights from the trip according to Rozlyn:   1. City of Westminster  This part of London holds some of the most iconic landmarks of the city. These include Westminster Abby, Parliament, Big Ben, and the London Eye. We went here the first day and just walked around all of the buildings. It was a good … [Read more...]

Baylor in Great Britain: The Month of a Lifetime

By Chelsea Cates For Audrey Noelle As I sit here with only three days left in London, I look back to all of the amazing things I have experienced during this group trip and smile. I have seen more famous sites than most people see in a lifetime, I’ve made so many new friends, and I’ve learned a lot about myself and about life. I always knew I would love Europe, but had no idea what was actually in store for me the day I signed up for BGB 2013. I will never forget all of the memories I have made, or the people I have met. The unique aspect of Baylor in Great Britain is that we have … [Read more...]


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