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It’s okay to admit– we all have those dreams of being a royal in a far off land and running down the steps of your palace and down into your gardens… no? Just me? Well, either way, if you find yourself on a Millenium Tour, studying abroad in France, you simply have to carve out  time for yourself to go visit these magnificent grounds. The golden gates of the palace will take your  breath away before you even enter, but don’t worry– you will have plenty of photo ops and jaw-dropping to do after they scan your ticket. Because this place is too good to miss but also can be overwhelming, I’ve taken the time to write 5 tips and 3 highlights for your visit! Let’s get started–


  1. Make a reservation! Lines can get long. You don’t want to waste your precious day in a line for tickets when you could be wandering a palace (and trust me, you can spend a whole day at Versailles). So, if you come in with a paper print out or save it to your phone, you can hop in the shorter lines and get to enjoy your magical experience much quicker.
  2. Take the train! This is an easy way to save time on your exploration to these awe-inspiring grounds. They will take you from the main palace to le grand trianon, le petit trianon, and Marie Antoinette’s hamlet. Trust me, it will save your time and feet!
  3. Wear something you feel good in! The key is comfy shoes and cool clothes. I mean “cool clothes” both literally and figuratively– you’ll want to take lots of pictures to savor the moment but also (for my friends from the United States), there isn’t really much air conditioning.
  4. Don’t waste your time at the gift shops! By all means, check them out, but there are several on the grounds. The history and the beauty of the actual grounds are too rich to squander your time buying memorabilia
  5. Don’t miss the history. Yes, this place is beautiful, and yes, you’ll want to take all the photos. However, this place is full of treasures. You’ll feel an even deeper appreciation for the estate if you understand the context of where it comes from.



  1. Le Grand Canal… This place was gorgeous and a wonderful place to take a picnic, go rowing on the water, or stop for a photo op. Soak in the sunshine while eating a glace (ice cream cone!).
  2. Salle de Glaces… Not to be confused with regular glaces, this “Hall of Mirrors’’ lives inside the main palace and let me tell you, you do not want to miss this decadence.
  3. Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet… Take your time here and soak in what exactly this place is. Read the history, and enjoy yourself. And for a secret treat, go to the back for the freshly pressed orange juice. Trust me. It was dreamy and perfectly sweet.

And that’s it! You really can get lost here so grab a map, your comfy shoes, and your sunglasses. And of course, it’s always good to pack an adventurous attitude. I hope this was helpful in planning your next group travel trip with Millenium Tours.

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