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Tours of Israel

Israel has become a major tourist destination over the last decade. The birthplace of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, this modern democratic State is very young but has a very long and comprehensive history. The Holy Land has plenty of things to offer tourists from around the globe.

From historical sites to beautiful beaches, you’ll never get bored. Aside from all the religious as well as archeological sites to see, there is so much more. Exciting cities, magnificent sandy beaches. Beautiful scenery and desert landscapes. From the Golan Heights in the north to the resort city of Eilat in the south of the country there is truly something to see and do for everyone, old and young alike. The ancient golden city of Jerusalem is a thrilling place to see. Time spent in the Sea of Galilee and floating in the Dead Sea are never to be forgotten experiences.

Our tours are a great option if you’re interested in visiting Israel. We offer an extensive choice of tours to visit this beautiful and exciting country. This article will explain travel tour options for the best experience for visiting Israel.

Destinations and Details

Discover Israel on Tour

Maximizing your trip to Israel by booking a travel tour is your best option. If you’re traveling with a group, you’ll be able to share your discoveries with your group, helping you to create a unique bond during your Israel trip.

With our Israel travel tours, you’ll find that you will see the best sites and attractions, have the best value for your money, and learn from the best tour guides. With our luxury tour package, you’ll be able to experience a hassle-free tour of Israel’s highlights, which allows for an amazing trip to Israel.

The Best Time to Visit Israel

We recommend you plan your trip to Israel to be either in the spring or the fall. During these two seasons, the days are warm with an average temperature of 79 degrees Fahrenheit, and the nights are cool.

If you’re more interested in having a smaller crowd at popular sites and don’t mind the average temperature in the day being 90 degrees Fahrenheit, June to August is a good option. During the winter, the average temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit and, at times, Israel receives snow.

Where to go in Israel

It’s amazing how diverse Israel is for a country that’s no bigger than the state of New Jersey. In fact, on your trip to Israel, you’ll find that in almost every area in the country, there is a historic spot, such as ancient Roman ruins and other archaeological ruins thousands of years old. You can also take advantage of a sophisticated cultural scene. Here are some of the most notable:

  • Nazareth: This is the largest city in Galilee and is known as the Arab capital because most of its citizens are Arabs. Nazareth is a common Christian pilgrimage because of the belief that it was the birthplace of Jesus. Since this ancient city is believed to be where Gabriel told Mary about her upcoming birth, Nazareth is also known as the cradle of Christianity.
  • Caesarea: Founded by Herod the Great to honor Caesar Augustus, Caesarea is considered to be new and ancient at the same time. You can find ruins in Antiquities Park fro, m Herod’s time. You’ll enjoy finding other ruins or enjoying the annual jazz festival.
  • Ramon Crater: If you’re interested in the geological landscape of the earth, Ramon Crater is the largest erosion crater in the Negev Desert. The beginning formation occurred millions of years ago, and mountains now ring the crater. If you’re interested in camping, there’s a nearby campsite.

You’ll want to visit many other places on your trip to Israel, but these are three of the most notable.

Faith-Based Tours to Fill You with a Sense of Spiritual Renewal

The best thing about faith-based tours is that they’re designed to enable you to live your faith. That’s because you’ll get to visit sacred sites and holy places. Our trips to Israel are tailored to your desires. You’ll be able to plan pilgrimages, heritage tours, and cultural tours based on your desire.

Customized Israel Tours

We can customize your tour of Israel by including Egypt or Jordan on your trip. Our Sacred Wonders tour includes a 10-day tour to Israel and Jordan. You’ll spend the first 3 days of this tour in Jordan visiting amazing places like the Dead Sea, taking in the amazing architecture of the ancient capital of Petra, and Lot’s Sanctuary cave. On days 4 through 10, you’ll stay in Israel, where you will visit Qumran, Jericho, Eilat, Masada, Jerusalem, the Old City, Bethlehem, and many other spiritual places.

Book Your Tour of Israel Today

Explore Israel with private guides and a tailor-made itinerary suited to the needs of the group. A group tour of Israel is a great option, especially if you have a large group of at least ten people; but these trips are even better if your group has 20 to 30 people. You’ll create a lifetime bond with your group members and have memories of your trip to share for a lifetime. Now that you know more about tours of Israel, book yours today!

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