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An American’s Guide to European Street Food

If you were to ask our study abroad group what was the one thing we were most excited about experiencing in Europe, without hesitation the answer would be food. I had heard the stereotype that American food was saturated with fats and tasted of plastic, but growing up knowing nothing else, I was skeptical of the difference that I would notice. Well, I noticed it. On weekend trips I have essentially been living off street food and take-aways, and have now developed a special relationship with each of them. Below, you’ll see some of my as well as my group’s favorite snacks (meals?) that’ll be … [Read more...]

Destination Spotlight: Dover, Kent, England

Dover, Kent, England. In my entire life, I never imagined I would have the opportunity to travel to Dover.  But there I was, early one Thursday morning, packing to travel across the English Channel to visit the famous town. After class, my best friend and I made our way to Maastricht station, in order to board a train to Brussels, where we’d be taking the Chunnel under the English Channel. I had coffee in my system and food in my tummy, I was set. The train ride to Brussels went flawlessly, it was as easy as all our other train rides and we made it with enough time to get through … [Read more...]

Finding Home While Studying Abroad

As I walked down the cobblestone streets of Maastricht, a city in the south of the Netherlands, I would have never expected to end up where I was today. I almost knew every nook and cranny of this city, just from the five spectacular weeks I’ve spent here. My walk to class was on auto-pilot, every step was a step closer to one of the last days of class. Sixteen days of class went by as fast as my trips on the weekends. When I left the United States, I would tell my friends and family that I was “visiting Maastricht,” and that I would be spending five weeks there. Little did I know that … [Read more...]

Buon Giornio & Arrivederci: Group Travel to Italy

Student group travel has come to an end for the spring semester Baylor in Maastricht crew. As student blogger Danny Huizinga reflects on his last European excursion before returning to the States, he knows this may have been the first, but it won't be the last. After all, he is a world traveler now.   It’s surreal to be writing the last Europe Bulletin. In just a day, I’ll be flying home to America. We've spent the last week traveling around Italy. From Tuscany to Rome to Florence to Lake Como, it’s been a time full of adventures. Besides the train strikes, I really love Italian … [Read more...]

Love on Display at Checkpoint Charlie

Student blogger, Kandace Little, is a fun-loving, quirky girl from Texas who writes things the way she sees them. Today, we see her funny and honest outlook, as well as a serious side of her that reflects on history and true love as seen on display in Berlin, Germany. A train station is the ideal place to people watch. There you can see an eclectic mix of all ages, all with different reasons for hopping onto the train. I guess you could say this is a fairly creepy hobby, especially one to admit in such a public forum, but don’t knock it till you try it. Seriously. Humans can be very … [Read more...]

When Music Knows No Country Borders

This year, I was my own Valentine. Yes, I know Valentine’s Day was more than a month ago. I acknowledge that it is probably one of the most overrated holidays in existence, and that I don’t need a man to buy me nice things... yada yada. This year’s was different. Well, considering I couldn't wine and dine myself within the confines of social normativity, I opted for the next best thing—I wrangled my roommate into going to see Dallas Green play live in Tilburg, the Netherlands. For those of you not up to speed on this particular artist, he is a Canadian-born singer-songwriter who plays … [Read more...]

Practicing Proper Travel Etiquette: France

Today's travel etiquette feature take us to France, the land of romance and fine cuisine. Traveling away from your home culture always raises the question of etiquette. What to wear, what to say... Do you tip? Smile at passersby? Knowing the proper etiquette for your next travel destination is a vital part of your experience. Today, we're taking a look a France—just because they've got a bad rep for being snobby doesn't mean you should ignore their customs. (And, actually, a little effort can go a long way...we're rather fond of the French!) Here are a few things you should know before … [Read more...]

9 Tips for Traveling with Pets

Ah pets. These furry friends enrich our lives with their loyalty, companionship, and all around fun antics. However, when it comes to travel—especially around the holidays—they can be a real inconvenience. There are plenty of things to consider when pet owners travel:  do the pets stay or go? Board or leave with friends? How will it affect your travel plans? Think Fido should  home, but aren’t comfortable boarding him, check out host options like Dogvacay. If you can’t leave home without your four-legged sidekick, consider these nine tips for traveling with pets before you hit the … [Read more...]

Hallstatt and Füssen: the Worst Best Weekend of Study Abroad (Part Two)

This is part two of a two-part blog post by Baylor in Maastricht study abroad student Tim Phillips (read part one here). Tim shares his story of what it’s like when things don't go according to plan. Which, if you know anything about travel, is normally the case: expect the unexpected. Read about his adventures through Hallstatt, Austria, and Füssen, Germany. Enjoy the incredible photos, all shot by Tim. To Füssen! We woke up in the dark, begrudgingly left our apartment, and walked quickly to the warmth of the station. After a few train transfers, we were on the leg to take us to … [Read more...]

Hallstatt and Füssen: the Worst Best Weekend of Study Abroad. (Part One)

Baylor in Maastricht study abroad student Tim Phillips shares his story of what it's like when things don't go according to plan. Which, if you know anything about travel, is normally the case: expect the unexpected. Read about his adventures through Hallstatt, Austria, and enjoy the incredible photos, all shot by Tim. This weekend surprised us all. After seeing Vienna,we had to visit Austria again! I was excited to go back and see some of the more historic, mountain villages. We planned to take an overnight train Thursday night, arrive Friday morning to stay in Bad Ischl for the … [Read more...]


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