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Cologne: Nice to Smell, Better to Visit

I took German classes for five years, so to say I was excited about finally getting to go to Cologne (Germany’s fourth largest city) for a day is an understatement. I was stoked to get to witness the greatness of the Cologne Cathedral I had seen so many PowerPoint slides of, walk on the “Love Lock Bridge”, and test out my rusty German skills. The train ride was only 2.5 hours, making a day trip viable. As soon as I stepped out of the train station upon arrival, I was floored by the behemoth structure that is the Kölner Dom. I knew it was near the train station, but I did not expect to be … [Read more...]

Discovering New Places & Uncovering Heritage

Part of the beauty of Europe is the ability to travel to so many places—even if you just have one day! Rather than one big trip, this week was comprised of several of these shorter trips. On Tuesday, our class was cancelled so I went to Luxembourg with a few friends! It’s just a short three-hour train ride. Luxembourg is a unique place—43 percent of the population is foreign nationals, and the kids learn four languages in school. For comparison, the country is smaller than Rhode Island. We visited the American Cemetery, where General Patton from WWII is buried, and had a great … [Read more...]

When You Can’t Find Adventure, Make Your Own: Alps Edition

Student group travel isn't all museums and cathedrals. These Baylor in Maastricht study abroad students ventured outside the normal European sightseeing tours for an adventure through the Austrian Alps. Kandace Little delivers the details of their quirky adventure.  I trekked through the Alps. I trekked through the Alps and I liked it. Without knowing me personally, I’m sure the previous statement doesn't seem too momentous.  To put things in perspective for the countless readers who read my posts (by countless I mean few, and by readers, I mainly just mean my mother), I’m the … [Read more...]

Discovering Madrid: Siestas, Fiestas, and Discotecas!

When you think of Spain what comes to mind? This passionate Spanish culture, rich with flavor and tradition, never fails to present a good time for travelers. For Baylor study abroad student Rozlyn Veteto, Madrid, Spain meant siestas, fiestas, and discotecas. Read more about her Spanish getaway. After getting in pretty late on the first night, we made dinner in the apartment and hung out until class registration at 1am. It was nice to have a bit of chill time after a bunch of travel. In the morning, we woke up and met Erin’s friend Julianna. She is studying abroad in Madrid and offered … [Read more...]

Baylor in Maastricht: When Study Abroad Feels Like a Fairy Tale

This week, we join Baylor in Maastricht study abroad student Rozlyn Veteto on a journey to Oktoberfest, a magical land of castles, and a surprise opera. These adventures show us that even the toughest of days can be redeemed by the beauty around us. We can't believe how fast time is going by for these study abroad students  in Maastricht—finals are in just a couple of weeks!  It all started with a night train to Munich that got us to Oktoberfest by 9 am. We stood out in the cold rain for an hour waiting for the doors to the Paulaner tent to open. Oktoberfest is the world’s … [Read more...]

A Swiss [Cheese, Chocolate, Alps] Photo Blog

Switzerland warmly welcomed some of our Baylor in Maastricht study abroad students over the weekend. A group travel tour filled with paragliding, strangers-turned-friends, villages, Swiss Alps, train rides, chocolates, breathtaking views, and even a base-jumping championship--- we decided to let the photos do the storytelling this week. *Photo credit: Tim Phillips (and if Tim's mom is reading this, he dedicated a few shots to you...can you guess which ones?)      Want to send your students on a Swiss adventure? Let us bid on your upcoming study abroad … [Read more...]


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