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Student First, Traveler Second. Adventurer Always.

According to Baylor University, study abroad participants should be students first, travelers second. While student Rozlyn Veteto is trying to stick to the guidance of her school, she has realized no matter what, study abroad is always an adventure. Here are some more truths about study abroad discovered through Rozlyn's latest Amsterdam adventure. Rozlyn currently studies in the Baylor in Maastricht study abroad program.  You will be busy. Only one more week of class before finals! That’s why I chose to spend the weekend in Maastricht working on a couple papers that are due this week. … [Read more...]

Baylor in Maastricht: When Study Abroad Feels Like a Fairy Tale

This week, we join Baylor in Maastricht study abroad student Rozlyn Veteto on a journey to Oktoberfest, a magical land of castles, and a surprise opera. These adventures show us that even the toughest of days can be redeemed by the beauty around us. We can't believe how fast time is going by for these study abroad students  in Maastricht—finals are in just a couple of weeks!  It all started with a night train to Munich that got us to Oktoberfest by 9 am. We stood out in the cold rain for an hour waiting for the doors to the Paulaner tent to open. Oktoberfest is the world’s … [Read more...]

It’s Not Dutch Without Delftware and Windmills

 What is a trip to The Netherlands without Delftware and windmills? This week's travel adventure is brought to you by the Dutch via Baylor in Maastricht student, Rozlyn Veteto.    Instead of running off to another country, I spent the weekend in the Netherlands going to The Hague and Delft. Friday, I had an all-day field trip, so it was a good time to stay and explore more of the country I’m calling home for four months. My Dutch art history class field trip took us to The Hague to see a couple museums. The Hague  is the seat of the Netherlands government. As my professor put … [Read more...]

A Swiss [Cheese, Chocolate, Alps] Photo Blog

Switzerland warmly welcomed some of our Baylor in Maastricht study abroad students over the weekend. A group travel tour filled with paragliding, strangers-turned-friends, villages, Swiss Alps, train rides, chocolates, breathtaking views, and even a base-jumping championship--- we decided to let the photos do the storytelling this week. *Photo credit: Tim Phillips (and if Tim's mom is reading this, he dedicated a few shots to you...can you guess which ones?)      Want to send your students on a Swiss adventure? Let us bid on your upcoming study abroad … [Read more...]

3 Countries in 3 Days: A Warp-Speed Adventure

Last weekend, Baylor in Maastricht students visited three countries in three days-- and lived to tell about the adventure. Here are some highlights from Baylor student, Rozlyn Veteto. For this weekend's adventure, we operated at warp speed. Three countries in three days was an absolutely crazy idea, but we did it! We did a compact tour of Bruges, Paris, and Luxembourg City. Bruges: a step back in time, a jump into the modern day Thursday night we left for destination one: Bruges (via train). Last weekend, our professors visited Bruges, and told us about a pub built in 1515 … [Read more...]

Top 5 Highlights from a London Excursion

Last week, we sent our Baylor students in Maastricht on a trip to London. According to Rozlyn Veteto, "It was a week packed full of shows, history, and other fun adventures. It would be impossible to fit everything we did into one [blog] post." Here are the five major highlights from the trip according to Rozlyn:   1. City of Westminster  This part of London holds some of the most iconic landmarks of the city. These include Westminster Abby, Parliament, Big Ben, and the London Eye. We went here the first day and just walked around all of the buildings. It was a good … [Read more...]


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