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Backpacking through Eastern Europe

Student blogger, Danny Huizinga, didn't go the typical route around Europe. He and his college group travel friends decided to see destinations a little less common to many Westerners: Eastern Europe. This part of Europe is rich with history, arts, and culture. Danny tells us why he's glad he made the choice he did. While most people went straight to Spain, we decided to start our three weeks of independent travel in Eastern Europe! It’s been an amazing experience so far, and I am so glad we made that decision. The trip started with a flight to Krakow, Poland. This wasn't the first … [Read more...]

Berlin: Where History and Contemporary Coexist

Berlin is a fascinating city, full of history yet surprisingly modern. Obviously, one of the main reasons people visit is because of the Berlin Wall. Divided into two halves after World War II, Berlin represents the conflict between freedom and communism— and the triumph of the former in 1989. Several museums document the numerous escape attempts people made to try to get out of the GDR (Communist east side) to the free side of West Berlin. Some hid people under the hoods of their cars, some built tunnels under the Berlin Wall, and one family even built a hot-air balloon to fly over … [Read more...]

London & Ireland: Best Spring Break Ever

After a long winter, it may have seemed spring would never arrive. For this group of student travelers Spring Break came just in time—a break away from classes for time to take in the sights of England and Ireland.  This week, we had our “spring break” due to Carnival, a week-long celebration in Maastricht. Many of us took advantage of the break by flying to London and Ireland. Though I called it a “vacation,” at some point, I realized that this whole trip is, in a way, a vacation. Yes, I am taking classes. But when you travel to a new country every weekend, it’s hard to think of … [Read more...]

Living the Swiss Life

Is there more to Switzerland than chocolate and cheese? Sure, there's extreme sports, beautiful landscape—and did we mention delicious chocolate? Okay, so there's a reason the Swiss are known for it. Baylor in Maastricht group study abroad student, Danny Huizinga, got to experience this sweet—er Swiss—life firsthand.  When we decided to go to Interlaken, Switzerland on a whim this weekend, I had no idea how glorious this place would be! Switzerland is truly breathtaking. The air just seems fresher, and even though there’s snow everywhere, it’s not even that cold! Switzerland … [Read more...]

Austria, the Beautiful

Our student bloggers with the group study abroad program Baylor in Maastricht have wasted no time exploring the gems of Europe. Read about Danny's experience in Austria, and discover a few of his favorite things... The hills are alive with the Sound of Music It’s easy to understand why Julie Andrews was so happy while singing those words in the beginning of The Sound of Music, filmed in Salzburg. Salzburg is a bright, airy little town, with beautiful Austrian buildings, streets, and a great outdoor market. I had no idea what to expect, but I was quickly yet powerfully moved by the … [Read more...]

In Istanbul, a Smile Can Go a Long Way

We've sent another group across the pond for a study abroad semester in Europe. Baylor in Maastricht Study Abroad group made a stop somewhere between Europe and Asia, in the wonderful land of Turkey. During their stay in Istanbul, some exciting things happened, as well as lessons learned. Student blogger and Baylor study abroad student Danny Huizinga, shares his experience with us.    What’s the first thing you think of when you picture Istanbul, Turkey? Whatever it is, you're probably wrong. Istanbul defied all of my expectations. It’s truly a beautiful city with an unmatched … [Read more...]

Journey to Discovery: Setting Goals for Study Abroad

Study abroad student, Kandace Little is traveling with our group tour program Baylor in Maastricht for the spring semester. Before diving into her journey, she takes a moment to say a few things about herself and set a few goals for the semester. Because travel isn't just a journey out, but a journey inside yourself, we believe it's important to have a few goals—not necessarily expectations—before setting out on your next travel adventure. Ever since I started, I saw school as sacred ground. School supply shopping was a magical time when, clutching those lists elementary schools request … [Read more...]

Practicing Proper Travel Etiquette: France

Today's travel etiquette feature take us to France, the land of romance and fine cuisine. Traveling away from your home culture always raises the question of etiquette. What to wear, what to say... Do you tip? Smile at passersby? Knowing the proper etiquette for your next travel destination is a vital part of your experience. Today, we're taking a look a France—just because they've got a bad rep for being snobby doesn't mean you should ignore their customs. (And, actually, a little effort can go a long way...we're rather fond of the French!) Here are a few things you should know before … [Read more...]

Discovering Madrid: Siestas, Fiestas, and Discotecas!

When you think of Spain what comes to mind? This passionate Spanish culture, rich with flavor and tradition, never fails to present a good time for travelers. For Baylor study abroad student Rozlyn Veteto, Madrid, Spain meant siestas, fiestas, and discotecas. Read more about her Spanish getaway. After getting in pretty late on the first night, we made dinner in the apartment and hung out until class registration at 1am. It was nice to have a bit of chill time after a bunch of travel. In the morning, we woke up and met Erin’s friend Julianna. She is studying abroad in Madrid and offered … [Read more...]

Hallstatt and Füssen: the Worst Best Weekend of Study Abroad. (Part One)

Baylor in Maastricht study abroad student Tim Phillips shares his story of what it's like when things don't go according to plan. Which, if you know anything about travel, is normally the case: expect the unexpected. Read about his adventures through Hallstatt, Austria, and enjoy the incredible photos, all shot by Tim. This weekend surprised us all. After seeing Vienna,we had to visit Austria again! I was excited to go back and see some of the more historic, mountain villages. We planned to take an overnight train Thursday night, arrive Friday morning to stay in Bad Ischl for the … [Read more...]


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