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Study Abroad Europe: Toto We’re not in Kansas Anymore

Having spent a couple weeks traveling in Europe now, I’ve quickly picked up on the cultural differences from America. Although London has been most similar to the US, the differences vary from city to city. In my opinion, none of these factors are too limiting or impossible to get around. Plus, half the fun of traveling is submersing yourself in a foreign culture! It was very easy to see why our school chose Imperial College in London as our home base. Imperial has a great location in Chelsea, a nice and very safe district in the city. The streets are clean and relatively all the people … [Read more...]

Prague: The City of High Places

Before you set out for international travel, study abroad or otherwise, people always seem to have plenty of advice to give you. Some tips are worth your consideration, while other may leave you doing the 'smile and nod' with no intention of remembering the pointers later. For Baylor in Maastricht student Danny Huizinga, a friend's advice proved well worth it on his student group travels to the Czech Republic. What's the best (and worst) travel advice you've received?  Before leaving for my study abroad semester, a friend who had gone before gave me some wise advice. “Fun thing … [Read more...]

Escape the Ordinary: 3 Exciting New Tours for Your Group

Typical is boring. Go for the extraordinary with some of our latest tour offerings: Learn about international management through an interactive experience in London, Paris, and Prague. See the stunning beauty and rich history of Central Europe. Discover how energy-efficient design is changing the way the Dutch do architecture. Here are some of the latest we've been working on for you. Remember, these are samples—we don't do pre-packaged trips that force you to compromise on your travel experience. These serve to help you get an idea of what we can do. Contact us today, and we will … [Read more...]

Baylor in Maastricht: It’s Your Prague-ative!

By Maddie Sligh Since being assigned a project to create a board game on Prague in sixth grade, I have had a serious fascination with this city. Something about the unknown charm it held has captivated my spirit. Upon our arrival in Prague, I knew I would be back in this majestic city. 
Getting to Prague was an adventure. Although the group I was primarily traveling with was five people, there ended up being fifteen from our group headed to Prague. If there is anything I have learned from group travel, it is that there is an exact science to traveling in groups. How many is best to … [Read more...]

Baylor in Maastricht: We Came, We Saw, We Pragued

By Madeline Wieters We left for Prague at 8pm on Thursday. I was traveling with four of my friends, but there were 3 other groups going separately for a grand total of 14 loud Baylor bears packing the trains. Thankfully, we made it to our night train that left at 11 after lots of sprinting through train stations and almost-missed trains. We found our sleepers, and after talking to a couple from Chicago and a girl who had studied in Maastricht with whom we were sharing a compartment, we went to find the train restaurant. We crowded up the hallway and annoyed our fellow sleeping passengers … [Read more...]


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