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Study Abroad: 58 Days in Maastricht

This morning, I walked to class down a cobblestone road in a sleepy Dutch neighborhood as the sun lit the tops of the narrow brick homes that lined the street on either side. I passed small homes just beginning to stir and old couples walking dogs. The flowers on the trees are blooming pink and white and their aroma floats down the streets. Bikes rattle past me as other students make their way to classes at Maastricht University, my destination. I’ve lived in the city of Maastricht for two months now and I love it so much more than when I first arrived (which is saying something). I’m … [Read more...]

Reflections on Student Group Travel

Student group travel blogger Kandace Little leaves us with her last post of the semester, a realization and reflection. One day during my semester abroad of educational group travel, I was at a bus stop in Maastricht, the Netherlands, loaded down with a backpack and the dreary, early morning fog. I was feeling a bit isolated, despite the group around me. I was on the outskirts, huddled and drawn into my own thoughts.   Just one of those days, I guess. I happened to glance to my left, and my gaze met a woman with closely cropped hair, wearing sensible but scuffed brown … [Read more...]

Student Travelers Learn through Celebration

Student group travel is about getting immersed into the culture, and that's exactly what this student group from Baylor did during their study abroad semester in Maastricht. What better way to discover the culture than to celebrate history—in costume! Kandace Little shares more about the history and happenings of Carnaval in the Netherlands. Image credit: Jordan Herington  At the beginning of April 1595, a bunch of adventurous, thrill-seeking dudes, led by Cornelis de Houtman, got together over a few brewskis and decided to explore unchartered waters all the way to the East … [Read more...]

The Importance of Finding Adventure Where You Are

As a student abroad, it's easy to get caught up in the allure of far off places. The temptation to hop the first train to a new country the moment class lets out at the end of the week is all-too-familiar to college students living abroad for a university semester. Baylor in Maastricht student, Kandace Little, puts things back in perspective with a reminder of the importance of experiencing your home away from home too. Upon a cursory glance, a Eurail pass seems to be a mere bit of paper, unimpressive with non-descript design and block-style typeface.  image credit: Slayer … [Read more...]

London & Ireland: Best Spring Break Ever

After a long winter, it may have seemed spring would never arrive. For this group of student travelers Spring Break came just in time—a break away from classes for time to take in the sights of England and Ireland.  This week, we had our “spring break” due to Carnival, a week-long celebration in Maastricht. Many of us took advantage of the break by flying to London and Ireland. Though I called it a “vacation,” at some point, I realized that this whole trip is, in a way, a vacation. Yes, I am taking classes. But when you travel to a new country every weekend, it’s hard to think of … [Read more...]


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