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Backpacking through Eastern Europe

Student blogger, Danny Huizinga, didn't go the typical route around Europe. He and his college group travel friends decided to see destinations a little less common to many Westerners: Eastern Europe. This part of Europe is rich with history, arts, and culture. Danny tells us why he's glad he made the choice he did. While most people went straight to Spain, we decided to start our three weeks of independent travel in Eastern Europe! It’s been an amazing experience so far, and I am so glad we made that decision. The trip started with a flight to Krakow, Poland. This wasn't the first … [Read more...]

Escape the Ordinary: 3 Exciting New Tours for Your Group

Typical is boring. Go for the extraordinary with some of our latest tour offerings: Learn about international management through an interactive experience in London, Paris, and Prague. See the stunning beauty and rich history of Central Europe. Discover how energy-efficient design is changing the way the Dutch do architecture. Here are some of the latest we've been working on for you. Remember, these are samples—we don't do pre-packaged trips that force you to compromise on your travel experience. These serve to help you get an idea of what we can do. Contact us today, and we will … [Read more...]


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