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Study Abroad Italy: Ciao Cinque Terre

Ciao! We are currently on fall break here in Baylor’s premed Maastricht study abroad program! For our first couple days we went to Rome, where we travelled to see the Colosseum, Roman Forums, Trevi Fountain, the Vatican, and several other popular sites! We had a bus tour take our group of about 40 people to all of these big sites, and I highly recommend doing the same so that you have the most in-depth experience while in Rome! For me, having had five years’ worth of Latin classes, it was beyond amazing to me to see all the history and architecture of the obelisks, temples, city walls, ruins, … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Italy: Home is Where the Fam Is

For our last week of independent travel, Jill and I stayed in Italy, but we got to meet up with some familiar faces. My mom, dad, brother (Ryan) and his girlfriend (Stephanie) made the long trek over here to gallivant around Italy with us (and give us a free place to stay for a week). It was absolutely delightful having the comfort of family over here as well as having other people plan what to do and navigate where to go. Although we went to many different places around Italy including Sienna, Tuscany, Cinque Terra, and Venice, Florence was our home base for the week. Everywhere we went was … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Italy: Tour de Amalfi Coast

Our first week of independent travel, well the first 9 days, was definitely one for the books. Unfortunately, our traveling trio became a duo because Brooke was gallivanting around Italy with her family, but Jill and I made due. We decided to celebrate being done with classes with a relaxing 9 days on the Amalfi Coast. The Amalfi Coast is a string of cities that are packed together in rocky cliffs right by the water. These cities stacked on the hills are made up of brightly colored buildings, clear water, and beautiful beaches, therefore making them the perfect place to relax and get some … [Read more...]

Group Travel: Italy

Ciao Bella!This week marks both the end and beginning of something. After this week, we only have two more months of our stay in Europe, and after this week we start midterm exams. Thankfully, we have a week of group travel in Italy to make us feel a little bit better!   Group travel in Italy is all that I imagined and more! We have only seen Padua and Venice so far, but I am extremely impressed. Venice is like nothing I've ever seen before: it is literally a city on water. There are no cars, no buses, and even bikes are nowhere to be seen. The streets are narrow and winding and … [Read more...]

Group Travel: Europe Through the Back Door

  The city of Florence is a tourist’s dream. Cafés spill out into the cobblestone streets, and the Arno River cuts through the heart of the city. Tuscan hills dotted with vineyards line the horizon. Florence means colors, culture, and those cream-colored Italian stucco buildings with the orange-tiled roofs. It’s picturesque, famous, and idyllic, and because of that, you get to enjoy the relatively small Italian city with 50,000 other tourists. I'm quickly figuring out that the real gems of this continent are not where the crowds are. The best cities, restaurants, and activities are … [Read more...]

Buon Giornio & Arrivederci: Group Travel to Italy

Student group travel has come to an end for the spring semester Baylor in Maastricht crew. As student blogger Danny Huizinga reflects on his last European excursion before returning to the States, he knows this may have been the first, but it won't be the last. After all, he is a world traveler now.   It’s surreal to be writing the last Europe Bulletin. In just a day, I’ll be flying home to America. We've spent the last week traveling around Italy. From Tuscany to Rome to Florence to Lake Como, it’s been a time full of adventures. Besides the train strikes, I really love Italian … [Read more...]

Did I Just Become A World Traveler?

The adventures of student group travel have flown by for these Baylor in Maastricht students this spring semester. Seems like only yesterday they made their first stop on their study abroad trip in Istanbul, yet now they've joined the ranks of real world travelers. With each country added to the list, Danny Huizinga feels like he has more stories, more connections, and more "is this real life" moments than ever. In the past few days, we've been traveling around a lot— stopping here and there in different countries as we make our way over to France and Italy. image credit: Danny … [Read more...]


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