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Paris Express: What to See in a Short Trip

Without a doubt, Paris was our most ambitious trip to date. We went with a group of seven who wanted to see a variety of different things, and instead of compromising, we thought, “Why not do them all?” which is (almost) exactly what we did. Our days were spent on the go, dashing from one site to the next, hitting every tourist attraction except for Moulin Rouge, the Catacombs, and the Sacred Heart, walking in total around 45/50 miles over the course of three days. So, take it from me, when you’re planning a short trip to Paris, you must pick and choose; and, because I didn’t do this, below … [Read more...]

Study Abroad France: How to Do Paris in 1 Weekend

This weekend, my entire study abroad class went to Paris to visit the Pasteur Institute and most people ended up staying for the weekend. It was a lovely weekend straight out of a movie, but we explored so much in so little time. We hopped on a train early Friday morning and left Paris on Sunday afternoon. Luckily, we managed to snag reservations for one of the fancy fast trains, so our travel time was shortened significantly. We arrived just in time for lunch of Friday, so we found our way to a interesting church in Madeleine, which we learned served a three-course meal in a crypt for … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Europe: Pre-Med Students in Paris

Hello! My name is Jasmine Tuazon, and I am a 4th-year premed biochemistry Baylor University student currently spending a semester in Europe thanks to Millennium Tours, a travel company based in Austin, Texas for group study abroad trips! This weekend from Sept. 9-11, all 38 of us premed students went to Paris! Collectively, we all went to The Pasteur Institute to view all Louis Pasteur’s home and lab where he developed fermentation and discovered racemization and vaccination. Following that, we split up and decided to explore the city either by foot or via bike tour (The picture is … [Read more...]

Study Abroad France: Midnight in Paris

Upon arriving to Paris I was a bit anxious. News headlines flooded my mind as I anticipated this trip. We arrived to Hotel Novotel and all my worries washed away as we were greeted by friendly concierge and guests— the comfortable beds, cool AC, and Eiffel Tower view out of our window didn’t hurt either! We dumped our bags on the green and white dotted carpet and rushed out of our rooms, eager to explore the city. A gust of wind whipped through my tangled blonde curls as I stood on the edge of the river taking it in. The scene in front of me had been replicated on millions of $1 … [Read more...]

Group Travel France: Paris Is Always a Good Idea

Audrey Hepburn once said, “Paris is always a good idea.” Well, I cannot argue with that Audrey! Paris is not only a good idea, it is the best idea! A weekend in Paris, even in the wintertime, can’t be beat. Now after being in Paris for only three days, I would image that you could spend a lifetime in that city and still not see it all. There is just so much to do and so much to see! You can’t do it all but I would say that my travel group and I came pretty close and I was very happy with all that we got to do. Now my number one biggest tip to get in Paris if you are going for just a … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Paris: The Best of The City of Love

Paris. The city of love. The fashion capital of the world. Rich in culture, art, history, and croissants. A place where every girl dreams of going – and certainly where I’ve been dreaming about going to for as long as I can remember. And finally - after watching couples movies, staring at pictures of the Eiffel Tower, and learning French for five years, my dream of visiting this magical place came true. We started off our first day with breakfast at our hostel. Complementary coffee and fresh butter croissants. Becca and I took the metro to St. Michel and began our self-paced, … [Read more...]

Did I Just Become A World Traveler?

The adventures of student group travel have flown by for these Baylor in Maastricht students this spring semester. Seems like only yesterday they made their first stop on their study abroad trip in Istanbul, yet now they've joined the ranks of real world travelers. With each country added to the list, Danny Huizinga feels like he has more stories, more connections, and more "is this real life" moments than ever. In the past few days, we've been traveling around a lot— stopping here and there in different countries as we make our way over to France and Italy. image credit: Danny … [Read more...]

Practicing Proper Travel Etiquette: France

Today's travel etiquette feature take us to France, the land of romance and fine cuisine. Traveling away from your home culture always raises the question of etiquette. What to wear, what to say... Do you tip? Smile at passersby? Knowing the proper etiquette for your next travel destination is a vital part of your experience. Today, we're taking a look a France—just because they've got a bad rep for being snobby doesn't mean you should ignore their customs. (And, actually, a little effort can go a long way...we're rather fond of the French!) Here are a few things you should know before … [Read more...]

3 Countries in 3 Days: A Warp-Speed Adventure

Last weekend, Baylor in Maastricht students visited three countries in three days-- and lived to tell about the adventure. Here are some highlights from Baylor student, Rozlyn Veteto. For this weekend's adventure, we operated at warp speed. Three countries in three days was an absolutely crazy idea, but we did it! We did a compact tour of Bruges, Paris, and Luxembourg City. Bruges: a step back in time, a jump into the modern day Thursday night we left for destination one: Bruges (via train). Last weekend, our professors visited Bruges, and told us about a pub built in 1515 … [Read more...]

Baylor in Maastricht: The Rhine Falls & Verdun, France

Baylor in Maastricht Verdun

By Maddie Sligh Continued from Baylor in Maastricht: From Lichtenstein to the Swiss Riviera... We also stopped outside of Zurich to view the Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in Europe. This site provided scenic views of the incredible rushing waterfall. The falls were formed about 17,000 years ago. Our group enjoyed adventuring through the caverns and getting very close to the waterfall. On day five, we spent the majority of our group travel day in Verdun, France, the site of the WWI Battle of Verdun. Evidence of this horrific battle is everywhere in and surrounding the … [Read more...]


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