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Group Dynamics Within Travel

It is no secret that people can make or break a place. No matter if you are in the most beautiful city you’ve ever seen, if you don’t enjoy your travel companions, it won’t be the wonderful experience you want it to be. Traveling brings out the best and the worst part of people’s personalities like no other. So, choose your travel buddies wisely. Naturally, taking a trip to an unfamiliar place gives rise to leadership. Beforehand, planning has to get done. It is unwise to enter into a new country or even city without any prior knowledge of what there is to do and how to get around. The more … [Read more...]

A Haunting Visit to Normandy, France

I visited Normandy, France on a cloudless, crisp morning. The group I was visiting with had woken up before the sun and watched the day emerge through the windows on a two-and-a-half-hour train ride from Paris. Though I thought I had a firm grasp on the things I was about to see, I truly do not think that anyone understands what they will encounter when they experience the beaches and cemetery of Normandy, France. To give some background, the Allied Powers of World War II stormed the beaches of Normandy in an attempt to push back the German western front in France in what is known as the … [Read more...]

Group Travel: Traversing the UK

We do a lot of walking in student group travel. Of course it’s understandable that we’d walk most everywhere in London, but something I didn’t consider before our arrival was the amount of pavement pounding I’d be in for in all of the smaller towns we set off to in afternoons after class. Our first encounter with the walking way was on Friday when Dr. Weaver took us on a 5.5 hour walking tour of the city. Down Exhibition Road we went, first to see the Hyde Park Gate closest to our dorms, then all the way down to the end of the road where we were introduced to our local tube stop and the … [Read more...]

Throwback Thursday: Student Group Travel to UK

Student Group Travel to Ireland

Happy Throwback Thursday! In celebration of finals coming to an end and the many student group travel tours embarking in the coming weeks, we thought we'd pull this post from the archives. This is a guest post by Madeline Wieters who participated in the Baylor in Maastricht study abroad program in the summer of 2013.  Here's what I hadn't bargained for this summer: school. I tend to gloss over the "study" part of "study abroad." That being said, the last week of classes was a rude awakening when I had to write my first two papers of college (I love being a business major), both … [Read more...]

Buon Giornio & Arrivederci: Group Travel to Italy

Student group travel has come to an end for the spring semester Baylor in Maastricht crew. As student blogger Danny Huizinga reflects on his last European excursion before returning to the States, he knows this may have been the first, but it won't be the last. After all, he is a world traveler now.   It’s surreal to be writing the last Europe Bulletin. In just a day, I’ll be flying home to America. We've spent the last week traveling around Italy. From Tuscany to Rome to Florence to Lake Como, it’s been a time full of adventures. Besides the train strikes, I really love Italian … [Read more...]

Did I Just Become A World Traveler?

The adventures of student group travel have flown by for these Baylor in Maastricht students this spring semester. Seems like only yesterday they made their first stop on their study abroad trip in Istanbul, yet now they've joined the ranks of real world travelers. With each country added to the list, Danny Huizinga feels like he has more stories, more connections, and more "is this real life" moments than ever. In the past few days, we've been traveling around a lot— stopping here and there in different countries as we make our way over to France and Italy. image credit: Danny … [Read more...]

Love on Display at Checkpoint Charlie

Student blogger, Kandace Little, is a fun-loving, quirky girl from Texas who writes things the way she sees them. Today, we see her funny and honest outlook, as well as a serious side of her that reflects on history and true love as seen on display in Berlin, Germany. A train station is the ideal place to people watch. There you can see an eclectic mix of all ages, all with different reasons for hopping onto the train. I guess you could say this is a fairly creepy hobby, especially one to admit in such a public forum, but don’t knock it till you try it. Seriously. Humans can be very … [Read more...]

Berlin: Where History and Contemporary Coexist

Berlin is a fascinating city, full of history yet surprisingly modern. Obviously, one of the main reasons people visit is because of the Berlin Wall. Divided into two halves after World War II, Berlin represents the conflict between freedom and communism— and the triumph of the former in 1989. Several museums document the numerous escape attempts people made to try to get out of the GDR (Communist east side) to the free side of West Berlin. Some hid people under the hoods of their cars, some built tunnels under the Berlin Wall, and one family even built a hot-air balloon to fly over … [Read more...]

When Music Knows No Country Borders

This year, I was my own Valentine. Yes, I know Valentine’s Day was more than a month ago. I acknowledge that it is probably one of the most overrated holidays in existence, and that I don’t need a man to buy me nice things... yada yada. This year’s was different. Well, considering I couldn't wine and dine myself within the confines of social normativity, I opted for the next best thing—I wrangled my roommate into going to see Dallas Green play live in Tilburg, the Netherlands. For those of you not up to speed on this particular artist, he is a Canadian-born singer-songwriter who plays … [Read more...]

Discovering New Places & Uncovering Heritage

Part of the beauty of Europe is the ability to travel to so many places—even if you just have one day! Rather than one big trip, this week was comprised of several of these shorter trips. On Tuesday, our class was cancelled so I went to Luxembourg with a few friends! It’s just a short three-hour train ride. Luxembourg is a unique place—43 percent of the population is foreign nationals, and the kids learn four languages in school. For comparison, the country is smaller than Rhode Island. We visited the American Cemetery, where General Patton from WWII is buried, and had a great … [Read more...]


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