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Study Abroad Tips: Navigating the Differences Between the United States and Europe

On my flight to Amsterdam last week, I tried to dream up how different Europe would be from the United States. I was surprised to find its VERY different. From the landscape, the houses, the people, the mannerisms, even the way they travel, the differences are everywhere. When my advisors said "watch out for culture shock," I never have anticipated that I would be that one student who is shocked wherever she goes. Some differences in culture: There is no Air Conditioning in Europe, maybe you'll find a hotel or hostel with it, but there is none in academic buildings and none in my room. … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Europe: Vacation in Amsterdam

After a long week of exams, five of us took a day-trip to Amsterdam, only three hours north of us by train. It’s easy to get the mentality of trying to step foot in every country, without simply getting to know the incredible places only a couple hours away from Maastricht. I had to remind myself people studying abroad in Switzerland or Italy would love the chance to trek up to Maastricht and Amsterdam.  The world influence of Dutch people in a country smaller than Texas tucked in the upper corner of Europe has surprised me on many occasions, and their culture is even more … [Read more...]

Group Travel to Europe: Front Row Seat to Awesome

John Mayer. Amsterdam. Front row. Just let that sink in. This weekend, the sasstastic six of my student group travel program ventured to Amsterdam to see John Mayer in concert. I must admit, ever since he took the stage Friday night, I have been mesmerized and unable to listen to anything but John Mayer—it’s a little extreme but I think I may have found my wedding song. It wasn't just John Mayer being within five feet that made this a day to remember, I was making new friends and learning a few European tricks along the way to use during group travel to Europe. I purchased the … [Read more...]

Discovering New Places & Uncovering Heritage

Part of the beauty of Europe is the ability to travel to so many places—even if you just have one day! Rather than one big trip, this week was comprised of several of these shorter trips. On Tuesday, our class was cancelled so I went to Luxembourg with a few friends! It’s just a short three-hour train ride. Luxembourg is a unique place—43 percent of the population is foreign nationals, and the kids learn four languages in school. For comparison, the country is smaller than Rhode Island. We visited the American Cemetery, where General Patton from WWII is buried, and had a great … [Read more...]

Escape the Ordinary: 3 Exciting New Tours for Your Group

Typical is boring. Go for the extraordinary with some of our latest tour offerings: Learn about international management through an interactive experience in London, Paris, and Prague. See the stunning beauty and rich history of Central Europe. Discover how energy-efficient design is changing the way the Dutch do architecture. Here are some of the latest we've been working on for you. Remember, these are samples—we don't do pre-packaged trips that force you to compromise on your travel experience. These serve to help you get an idea of what we can do. Contact us today, and we will … [Read more...]

Student First, Traveler Second. Adventurer Always.

According to Baylor University, study abroad participants should be students first, travelers second. While student Rozlyn Veteto is trying to stick to the guidance of her school, she has realized no matter what, study abroad is always an adventure. Here are some more truths about study abroad discovered through Rozlyn's latest Amsterdam adventure. Rozlyn currently studies in the Baylor in Maastricht study abroad program.  You will be busy. Only one more week of class before finals! That’s why I chose to spend the weekend in Maastricht working on a couple papers that are due this week. … [Read more...]

Baylor in Maastricht: Going Local – Amsterdam & Maastricht

By Maddie Sligh I'm not going to lie, at first when people stayed home during the weekends, I thought they were so lame. All I could think was how can you stay home when you are in Europe?! As my friend Ellen said... Eur only young once. Then I got tired. Really tired. To the point where I did not want to get out of bed in the morning and it hurt to lay down. Paris was fantastic and absolutely exhausting (remember what I said about not leaving? Don't do it!!!) When I think about it, at this point I had been traveling for about two months non-stop. In between that and midterms the week … [Read more...]


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