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Scotland and Ireland: A Modern Fairytale

Fairytales have always been a part of my life. My mom is Native American, and growing up surrounded by superstitions and old wives’ tales meant that I was always encouraged to believe in the imaginary. It is because of this intrinsic love of oral tradition and folklore that I became so attracted to Scotland and Ireland. The reverence and magic associated with the world that the Celts knew became not only a place to me, but a living, breathing entity that I could interact with. If you were to ask anyone what they would think of when it came to Scotland or Ireland, one of the first … [Read more...]

The Complete Picture of Adventure

Adventure. We all seek it in our own ways. For some it looks like roughing it in a tent for a weekend, for some sky-diving, and for some trying mysterious foods. Basically, anything involving both adrenaline and the outdoors falls into this category automatically. Adventure is a really attractive concept. Without it, wouldn’t life be pretty bland? The less shiny side of the coin, however, are the mishaps that come with the territory of adventure. The night spent sleeping on the airport floor in Dublin (personal experience) might not have been ideal at the time, but it is a night I’ll never … [Read more...]

Brugge: A Quintessential Dream

If Brussels was not what I was expecting, Brugge was everything that I was in the best way possible. Our second stop in Belgium, we arrived on a Saturday morning, the sun just peeking through the clouds as we made our way to the Air Bnb. Once we had our things settled in, we took off on the town to explore. A walk through the town boasted canals and corridors, cathedrals and cobblestones lining every side of the street. The many city squares we saw displayed classic architecture and colorful flowers, doors and windows giving each building its own individual personality. Every corner … [Read more...]

Study Abroad vs. Travel Abroad: How to Find a Balance

When I thought about my study abroad experience before it happened, I pictured day trips, and weekend trips and lots of traveling. I listed out where all I wanted to go- far more places than I had time or money for. However, I didn’t think about my essays, exams, and projects. During my time abroad, I had a difficult time finding the balance between study and travel. I am not sure why I didn’t think about my classwork before hand but there is definitely a way to balance both of these priorities. Here are my tips for going to a lot of places AND keeping up with classes. Take advantage of … [Read more...]

Destination Spotlight: Dover, Kent, England

Dover, Kent, England. In my entire life, I never imagined I would have the opportunity to travel to Dover.  But there I was, early one Thursday morning, packing to travel across the English Channel to visit the famous town. After class, my best friend and I made our way to Maastricht station, in order to board a train to Brussels, where we’d be taking the Chunnel under the English Channel. I had coffee in my system and food in my tummy, I was set. The train ride to Brussels went flawlessly, it was as easy as all our other train rides and we made it with enough time to get through … [Read more...]

Group Travel: In [Stair]case of Emergency

It didn't take long on this student group travel tour to discover I was made to be a Londoner; the transportation system has become my new best friend, and I have yet to be bothered by the cramped, sweaty spaces. It is a beautiful thing to disappear beneath the bustling city streets, snake through tunnels to hop onto the right tube, and find oneself blocks away on a completely different side of the city. I believe it is the closest way to “apparating” you can get, without actually being a wizard. I have yet to get lost on the busy streets of London during my group travel adventures, a … [Read more...]

Group Tours to Europe: Get Lost!

As I travel around Europe on this student group travel tour, getting lost has been a regular occurrence. I definitely consider myself directionally challenged, and city maps and street signs here might as well be Egyptian hieroglyphics. My past two weekend destinations have been Zermatt, Switzerland and Prague, Czech Republic. Zermatt, with its cliff-hugging alpine hiking trails and Prague, with its winding cobblestone streets, offered plenty of opportunities to get lost. As soon as Patrick and I arrived in Zermatt, in an impulsive decision, we decided to hike towards the Matterhorn. … [Read more...]

Group Tours to Europe: The Sounds of Salzburg

Beautiful sights and sounds filled my weekend and took my breath away. My student group travel adventures sent me to Salzburg, Austria. This gorgeous city is historically known for raising Mozart and Maria Von Trapp, and the "Sound of Music" story, among other things. Due to severe storms in Germany, our trip was cut short, but that didn't keep us from crossing a couple things off our bucket list first. After traveling 11 hours on Friday, our European group travel crew made it to Salzburg famished and slightly delirious. We checked into our hostel and began wandering the city to … [Read more...]

Throwback Thursday: Student Group Travel to UK

Student Group Travel to Ireland

Happy Throwback Thursday! In celebration of finals coming to an end and the many student group travel tours embarking in the coming weeks, we thought we'd pull this post from the archives. This is a guest post by Madeline Wieters who participated in the Baylor in Maastricht study abroad program in the summer of 2013.  Here's what I hadn't bargained for this summer: school. I tend to gloss over the "study" part of "study abroad." That being said, the last week of classes was a rude awakening when I had to write my first two papers of college (I love being a business major), both … [Read more...]

Buon Giornio & Arrivederci: Group Travel to Italy

Student group travel has come to an end for the spring semester Baylor in Maastricht crew. As student blogger Danny Huizinga reflects on his last European excursion before returning to the States, he knows this may have been the first, but it won't be the last. After all, he is a world traveler now.   It’s surreal to be writing the last Europe Bulletin. In just a day, I’ll be flying home to America. We've spent the last week traveling around Italy. From Tuscany to Rome to Florence to Lake Como, it’s been a time full of adventures. Besides the train strikes, I really love Italian … [Read more...]


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