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Study Abroad Europe: Tips From One Amateur Photographer to Another

One of my favorite parts of traveling is photography but I’m far from a pro. Nevertheless, as I’ve traveled, I’ve picked up a few helpful hints for taking photos other than selfies. Here are a few tips from one want-to-be Nat Geo photographer to another!

  1. Don’t be afraid of strangers

This is one of the best parts of photography as well as travel. Strangers are awesome photos and awesome stories just waiting to happen. Some of my all time favorite photos I’ve taken are of people I’ve met along the way. Even if it’s intimidating, it can be valuable and paradigm-shifting to interact with strangers while you travel. The connection that can develop through conversation and a camera is incredibly worth it. So take the risk and make a new friend.

  1. Pay attention to details

In the rush of the moment, it can be easy to just snap the photo of the castle or the mountain and be done. But many times, it’s the details that really tell the story. Take a moment to notice the pattern of the cobblestones, the texture of the wall or the way the light is shining through the tree. These tiny elements can bring to life the story of your travels and help people to really feel like they’re experiencing your journey with you.

  1. Get up close

This one can be hard but it can also be rewarding. By getting closer to your subject, your photos will have a more personal quality. The extra energy and time that it takes to work your way to the middle of the crowd or bend down to get at eye level with the bike on the street will be worth it.

  1. Put down the camera

As much as I love being behind a camera, it’s important to stop and experience the moment. This can be hard for me because I don’t want to miss a good photo. But every once in awhile, it can feel good to take a step back and see the world apart from my camera.

About Corrie

Corrie Coleman is a sophomore Journalism major from Dallas, Texas. After college, she hopes to work for a non-profit that aids refugees, using her passion for photography and writing to raise awareness and work towards justice for the oppressed.

Corrie finds joy in hikes, sidewalk chalk, puppy videos, and long conversations around a campfire. She is inspired by sunrises, good books, and her parents. You will almost always find her with Converse on her feet and a camera in her hands.

She plans to spend her days with good friends, exploring the world and loving without reserve.

Instagram: @corriecoleman


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