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Christian Group Travel

Christian Group Travel Tours

When church groups are ready to explore their faith, deepen their religious understanding, or share their knowledge with others, a religious tour can be a fulfilling experience, and a once- in-a-lifetime trip.

Christian Group Travel to Peru

Church Group Travel

We create spiritually enriching Christian group travel tours for many different groups. Our local Christian guides are knowledgeable and trustworthy escorts. You can worship and serve in the local ministries, visit significant sites across the Holy Lands, and explore religious heritage–all with quality accommodations that meet your budgetary needs. Travel in comfort aboard our air-conditioned buses and dine in local restaurants of the highest caliber.

We provide a first-rate, full-service travel experience. For those needing additional services, we can make those arrangements.

Youth Group Travel

Is your youth group ready to serve outside the walls of your home church?  Expand your youth group’s vision internationally as you serve, play, and love on the marginalized and forgotten. Teach your students the importance of living on mission and in community, while being exposed to other cultures and church bodies. We are able to provide your youth group with accommodations, transportation, and additional excursions as needed.

Mission Trip Planning

Consult an Expert

Put your church group travel trip in the hands of the experts and consult a tour operator that deals in religious tours, mission trips, and youth group travel. Not only can we help with travel arrangements to places that are not always the most widely or easily visited, but also work with your budget.

Worldwide Travel Standards

When traveling abroad, we all need to be aware that comforts we take for granted at home are not always readily available elsewhere. To make a trip a successful one, it is essential you bear this in mind but don’t be too quick to compromise. Of course, the main motivation is to finally go to a place where you feel spiritually fulfilled and uplifted, but you don’t want to tarnish the experience by not being true to yourself. If you struggle to sleep in anything other than a soft bed, it is unlikely that a few nights on a hard bed in a cheap hostel will end up in a dream trip. Remain realistic, and depend on your experienced tour operator.

Mission Trip Planning

If you and your church group or humanitarian organization are interested in group travel that isn’t only educational and a great experience in new cultures, but a chance to love and serve those in the world around you, and you would like us to arrange your next mission travel venture, please visit our Mission Trip Planning page.

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