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Why Humanitarian Service is Good For You

YPagesou've heard it before. It’s on Pinterest boards and marquees, tattoos, and tee shirts. We've heard it so often, in fact, it has become cliche, a catchy phrase lending credibility to "slacktivism" (supporting a cause on social media or the like without ever actually doing anything for the cause itself). Be the change you wish to see in the world. -Gandhi When Gandhi said this, he probably meant stop complaining, stop just talking about what needs to change, and do your part to bring the change this world needs. He doesn't ask us to change the world alone, a weighty request that would … [Read more...]

Global Humanitarian Fare: an affordable way to change the world

What if there were an affordable way to change the world? Humanitarian work is more than holding orphans in far off lands. Humanitarian work like missions, disaster relief, and charity aid requires great sacrifice. From the moment you commit to a trip, the giving begins. You sacrifice your time, money, and the opportunities you're missing while you're gone to go be a part of something that betters our world and the people in it. We want to help make the cost of giving a little lighter for you. Millennium Tours has been specializing in custom travel since 1973, and partnering with British … [Read more...]


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