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Four Reasons to Book Group Travel with a Tour Operator

Why use a tour operator to plan your group travel program? In the age of the travel-booking technology, rating systems, and mobile apps, many people think they can plan a group travel on their own. Many believe they can do it better and cheaper. But  will booking your own travel online actually save you time and money? Is it worth the hassle? Unfortunately, when it comes to international travel, there are many factors that the average self-trip planner doesn't consider, as well as many things he just can't do on his own, no matter how experienced he feels he is. Accidents happen, flights get … [Read more...]

9 Tips for Traveling with Pets

Ah pets. These furry friends enrich our lives with their loyalty, companionship, and all around fun antics. However, when it comes to travel—especially around the holidays—they can be a real inconvenience. There are plenty of things to consider when pet owners travel:  do the pets stay or go? Board or leave with friends? How will it affect your travel plans? Think Fido should  home, but aren’t comfortable boarding him, check out host options like Dogvacay. If you can’t leave home without your four-legged sidekick, consider these nine tips for traveling with pets before you hit the … [Read more...]

Quick Tips for Holiday Travel

 Traveling during the this time of year can make or break your holiday experience. You're pressed for time during the hustle and bustle of the season, so we put together five simple and quick tips for you to remember during the week of holiday travel. Use your smartphone: There are plenty of apps to help plan, navigate, check in, and monitor your travel experiences without having to pull out your laptop or find a printer. Utilize the knowledge at your fingertips! Plan ahead: Arrange for pick-up or rental cars before your flight to save time when you reach your destination. Check-in … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Save Money on Study Abroad

There are many myths when it comes to study abroad. Time, money, and credit are all factors that keep students from an academic semester or internship overseas. But did you know all the ways you can actually save money for study abroad? Check out our tips to save money before and during your trip overseas.   Get an International Student Identification Card: pay a one-time fee (about $10-25) for an ID card to get student discounts around the world. Save money on everything from smartphone apps and news subscriptions to hostels, restaurants, and attractions. The ISIC is accepted at … [Read more...]

Staying Safe While Abroad, by Stacie Nevadomski Berdan

We are pleased to welcome our guest blogger, Stacie Nevadomski Berdan, to the Millennium Tours blog. When you're done reading up on how to stay safe abroad, be sure to grab a copy of her latest book (info below). Safety may not be your biggest worry as you plan your study abroad adventure, and rightfully so. The odds of your having a safe and incident-free study abroad experience are in your favor. Still, make no mistake about it: there are inherent risks in traveling, studying, working and living abroad, and you have to be prepared for them. Natural disasters, for example, can … [Read more...]

Living With Regret: Why Most College Students Never Study Abroad

We all want to live great stories, but usually we spending more time pinning, tweeting, and tumbling those stories rather than actually getting out there and living them. College students, especially, want to have incredible experiences, adventures of a lifetime, and stories to tell their grandchildren. According to the University of Texas, 56% of incoming freshmen say they plan to study abroad during their undergraduate career. However, only 21% of those outgoing seniors actually did. The problem isn't just getting students to want to study abroad, it's getting them the right knowledge, … [Read more...]

13 Things to Know When Facing a Crisis Overseas

Are you prepared to deal with an emergency overseas? Are your students? Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, political upheavals, and medical emergencies—these are just a few of the things that can go wrong when collegiate academic tour groups like Study Abroad or MBA/EMBA programs are traveling to international destinations. When faced with a crisis overseas, these practical measures* can make a big difference in ensuring the safety and security of your tour group: Purchase travel insurance before you leave for your trip. Travel insurance can include emergency situations such as … [Read more...]


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