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What (Not) to Pack

Trudging the entire length of the seven-minute walk from the Underground station up the hill to our hostel in the suburban streets of London, all I can think of is how much I regret what I packed. The 30-liter backpack I bought for my Baylor University study abroad trip arranged through Millennium Tours of Austin barely zips, though it holds only half of what I think I need. The straps dig into a pressure point on my shoulders and shoot sharp pains to the right side of my brain. The streets are wet and splattered with stale chewing gum, but that does not stop me from dragging my purse (which … [Read more...]

Welcome to Millennium Tours

Custom Group Travel is a comfortable, easy, and enjoyable way for travelers to see the world. Whether they are sharing common interests such as business management, hobbies, sports, education, religion, shopping, or cultural events, or simply meeting new friends while exploring new places, the trip must be planned with the greatest quality and in perfect detail. … [Read more...]


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