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Study Abroad Europe: Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the travel video that goes with this blog: https://vimeo.com/207025110. A common question people will ask me is, "Why did you want to study abroad?" Coming into college, I knew that I wanted to study abroad. I realized that studying abroad is an amazing opportunity for college students to gain cultural experience while still getting school credits. I knew that I would travel later in life, the only question remaining was when would I be able to travel. Studying abroad provided the answer to that travel question as well as still getting school credits. Even though I knew … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Europe: Tips for Studying Abroad

Check out the travel video that goes with this blog: https://vimeo.com/207025110. A little over one month ago, I left the comfort of my University in Waco, Texas to fly across the pond and start school at Maastricht University for three months. I wasn’t sure what to expect before I left for the trip—I talked with other students, who had been on the same program before, to try to get an idea of what life abroad would be like. After one month of traveling, I have a little more experience and skills. Below are the main ideas that I try to remember during my travels. Be flexible You … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Europe: Two Days in Prague

During our five day break, my friends and I visited Prague in the Czech Republic for two days. Prague is a city of colorful buildings, hearty food and charming street performers. The wide river is sprinkled with island parks and the winding streets are brimming with history. Safe and cheerful, this Bohemian city is a must-see. Here is a short list of places I visited with my friends during our stay! Charles Bridge, built in the 1300s, crosses the Vltava River and is lined with statues of saints. The pedestrian bridge historically is a connection between Prague Castle, to the main town … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Europe: Balancing the “Study” in Studying Abroad

I can't believe we have been in Europe for only three weeks so far! The time has gone by quickly, but it also feels like we've been here for so much longer than three weeks. All of us are starting to figure out our way around Maastricht (where our university is located) and the rhythm for school here. Our first week of school seemed to throw everything at us at once, so it's nice to get into the rhythm of school again. One thing I’ve noticed that is different from school at Baylor, is how the classes are structured. The classes here are much more discussion based—we even have one class … [Read more...]


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