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Alumni Travel Programs

We can arrange Alumni travel programs of almost any size, to almost any location. We realize that your group may want not only to see sites, but also to see each other. We can design an itinerary that provides significant time for group members to interact, while also providing inspiring travel options. Since travel expectations of alumni may differ, we can provide a range of options (upgraded airline seating, dining experience, and hotel accommodation) to satisfy those looking for a high-end travel experience while keeping costs reasonable for others.


Alumni Travel works by providing stimulating company and knowledge sharing, but minimizes the risk associated with independent travel as each tour is well planned and organized by experienced travel providers. It is also a chance to spend time with people with similar interests and to spend time sharing experiences and knowledge with people who it is likely you would not have met otherwise.


Unconventional sights, sounds and flavors


If you have yearned to visit somewhere like Vietnam, Myanmar, Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu – somewhere that doesn’t ooze tourism and where you get to mix with
real people that live there, Alumni Travel is a very attractive proposition. Experts will share facts that they are passionate about, and you will learn firsthand
by both visualizing scenes and having intellectual conversations. If you have always wondered what it is like to visit a country such as Cambodia, but would
be unsure about traveling independently, again this group style of organized travel minimizes risk, disappointment and loneliness.


Art for education’s sake


Another example of how rewarding Alumni Travel can be is tailored travel based around a shared passion. So if your ideal holiday is visiting art galleries, combine that with other like-minded individuals and an educated expert and it takes the holiday experience on to a whole different level. The same can be applied to those who like to indulge in new gastronomic experiences. Eat the more exotic and unusual foods that others may be repulsed by due to their rarity, or learn to cook them with an experienced chef there just for your group.


Whilst it may sound like this is a holiday for people who live on their own or live by books, this is not the case. You can enjoy a holiday
around what truly interests you, without the need to holiday on your own. Why have a holiday with somebody who likes to go shopping whilst you
like archaeology? It may be an indulgent and perhaps selfish holiday choice, but it is what holidays should be about – time away from the
everyday doing what you truly love whilst providing you with lifelong memories.


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