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9 Tips for Traveling with Pets

Ah pets.

These furry friends enrich our lives with their loyalty, companionship, and all around fun antics. However, when it comes to travel—especially around the holidays—they can be a real inconvenience. There are plenty of things to consider when pet owners travel:  do the pets stay or go? Board or leave with friends? How will it affect your travel plans?

Think Fido should  home, but aren’t comfortable boarding him, check out host options like Dogvacay.

If you can’t leave home without your four-legged sidekick, consider these nine tips for traveling with pets before you hit the road:

  • Be sure your pet has the proper vaccinations and keep proof on hand. This is especially important  if you are traveling internationally as some border customs will not allow entry without proof of vaccinations.

photo by Caster

  • Consider giving your pet sedatives if you believe it will suffer from motion sickness during transport. Talk to your vet about what options are available. .

  • Pack an extra leash—things have a way of disappearing during travel—and be sure your pet has proper identification. If your dog runs off while you’re en route or at your destination, it will be harder for him to find his way back home in unknown locations.

  • Take medication and supplements. You may not know how your pet will react to a new environment. Just the way a person’s allergies can be affected in a new place, so can an animal’s. But be sure to always keep your meds separate from your pet’s!

  • Prepare for homesickness. It happens to pets as well as humans. Pack a favorite toy or chew bone to help calm your pet’s nerves when in unfamiliar surroundings.

  • Stock up on their favorite food and treats. Domesticated animals have a more difficult time adjusting to new foods (types, brands, etc) than humans because they are typically exposed to variations less often. If you are traveling internationally or to a different region of the country where you are not sure your pet’s food will be available, pack enough to last through the trip. You don’t want an animal with an upset stomach—especially in a hotel or at a relative’s home.

  • Secure your pets during travel. If you’re traveling by car, it’s important to take your pets safety into consideration. Use a crate or a harness that belts into your vehicle to help protect your pet in the event of an accident. Remember to never leave pets in a hot car without air flow!

  • Be conscious of others when traveling with your pet. You may love your slobbery pup or purring feline, but not everyone shares the same sentiments for pets. Whether it’s pet allergies, fears and discomfort, or genuine dislike, be aware of people’s responses to your animals, and take proper action to be considerate of them.

If you’d rather leave Fido at home, but aren’t comfortable boarding him, check out host options like Dogvacay.

It can seem overwhelming, but traveling with pets is just another part of the adventure! Have more tips for traveling with pets? Share them with us.



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