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Study Abroad Tips: The Final Stretch

A well-known candy bar once had a series of commercials that proclaimed, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” I think the same thing can be said about when we are tired. While travelling is easily one of the most rewarding things I can imagine, I’ve got to be honest: it can be draining. Over the past six weeks, I have had the pleasure of visiting fifteen cities in nine countries – walking nearly four hundred miles! As I’ve come into the final stretch of our time in the Europe, all the travel, class, and socialization most certainly caught up to me. Here’s what I learned over the past week as … [Read more...]

Travel Tips: Travel Photography – A Beginner’s Guide

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a thousand pictures are worth a million words. The time I have spent in Europe this summer has left me with more stories than I could ever possibly tell, which is why I am thankful for the power of photos to capture important moments and memories. While I have been taking formal classes in marketing and international business, I have, at times, felt as though I was taking a third, hands-on course in travel photography. With the increasing desire – and expectation – to document one’s experience using photos on social media platforms like Instagram, I … [Read more...]


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