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Study Abroad Tips: Three Tips To Plan Group Trips

Study abroad brings people together. There is something unique about students from all sorts of academic interests and organizational affiliations sharing a common experience in a foreign land. Our cohort of students has been close from day one, and as such, many of our weekend trips have been spent travelling in considerably large groups of eight to twelve students. Traveling in a large group can be a great way to get to know others, but it can also present unique challenges. Here are three pro tips for maximizing your group travel experience: Plan together As is the case with all … [Read more...]

Study Abroad in Europe: When Study Abroad Isn’t So Glamorous

  Murphy’s Law states that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. There is, perhaps, no better place to see this adage in real life than during the course of international travel. In the age of Instagram and Facebook, it is easier than ever to catch a glimpse into our friends’ studies and travels abroad. In a short scroll of my Instagram today, I saw photos from Mexico, France, Canada, Great Britain, and (seemingly) everywhere in-between. It is a gift to be able to explore so many diverse places and landscapes along with those we know and love through the Internet and we are … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Tips: Learn to Plan Accordingly

As the first weekend of independent travel of my study abroad trip draws to a close, there is nothing that I learned more than to be prepared for every possible situation when you are using public transportation throughout Europe. Travel Tips It is extremely important to research the city/cities that you are visiting before you arrive there. This past weekend, I traveled to Barcelona, Spain and it was absolutely incredible, partially because the group that I traveled with planned extremely well in terms of public transportation to use, what to pack, etc. Once you have pinpointed a … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Tips: The Art of the Day Trip

                    What is the best way to maximize your time in Europe when on a short-term study abroad? Two words: day trip. Depending on your location, there are likely a number of cities only a short train ride from your destination. It is also likely that you can get a taste of what these cities have to offer in just one day. Last week, a couple of my friends and I utilized a day off of class to get a taste of Belgium – chocolate, waffles, and all! Less than three hours from our home base in Maastricht, … [Read more...]


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