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Study Abroad Norway: Winter in Oslo

This past week has been absolutely packed! Since leaving Switzerland, we are continuing our two and a half weeks of free travel following the completion of finals. We have travelled to Oslo, Norway and are completing our stay of about a week. Upon first heading out of the airport on the trains, we were greeted by a blanket of several feet of snow, which, according to our Airbnb host, doesn’t usually come at this time of year. Having lived in Cincinnati, Ohio all my life, I am used to that weather, but my Texan friends from Baylor University who hadn’t seen snow in years—and had never … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Switzerland: A Charming Adventure

Classes have been done for about a week, and I’m spending my sweet time traveling through a few more countries before we head back for the U.S. Our first stop was to Lucerne, Switzerland! We were welcomed by a very kind Airbnb host, Hena, who resided in a quaint suburban neighborhood surrounded by fall-colored trees and mountains! We had read on the Airbnb website that he provided breakfast, and it was outstanding—freshly baked bread from a local bakery, locally jarred jams, and “cheese from the mountain.” It was one of the cutest ways we could have been greeted on our journey. The … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Poland: Lessons in Travel

For the first part of free travel, a group of us went to Krakow, Poland. Most people flew, but my friend and I decided to take a train to save some money. We got our reservations in Liege and headed to Krakow at 5:31am. Everything was going great until our first train was delayed, causing us to miss our second train. This was very problematic because the next train we could take was a whole half hour later, and we would be unable to make connections to make our reserved trains. This really sucked, especially at 6:30 in the morning! We decided to just keep going along the journey in hopes … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Norway: A Winter Wonderland

We spent most of last week exploring one of my favorite countries, Norway! I had been wanting to go to Scandinavia ever since I learned I would be studying abroad, so I'm glad my friends wanted to go as well. We decided on Norway because one of my friends is Norwegian and wanted to visit some of the places his family lived in. We found a nice little cabin on airbnb right outside of Oslo, and booked it for 5 nights. We were greeted with a thick blanket of snow and the bitter cold, but we couldn't be happier. I'm from an area that does get snow, but two of the friends I was with are from … [Read more...]


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