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Study Abroad France: How to Do Paris in 1 Weekend

This weekend, my entire study abroad class went to Paris to visit the Pasteur Institute and most people ended up staying for the weekend. It was a lovely weekend straight out of a movie, but we explored so much in so little time. We hopped on a train early Friday morning and left Paris on Sunday afternoon. Luckily, we managed to snag reservations for one of the fancy fast trains, so our travel time was shortened significantly. We arrived just in time for lunch of Friday, so we found our way to a interesting church in Madeleine, which we learned served a three-course meal in a crypt for … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Maastricht: Traveling Close to Home

This week has been super busy with tests back in Maastricht for our Pathophysiology and Global Health classes, so a bunch of friends and I decided to keep our travels close to home! Some of us stayed in the city, while others of us made day trips to Germany or Belgium! This past weekend, most of my travel group friends (pictured above in one of our dorm rooms, holding up our pinkies to represent our favorite Maastricht ice cream parlor, Pinky) decided to spend time studying for our upcoming tests in Maastricht. To start, we first spent our weekend getting some shopping done to prepare … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Europe: Pre-Med Students in Paris

Hello! My name is Jasmine Tuazon, and I am a 4th-year premed biochemistry Baylor University student currently spending a semester in Europe thanks to Millennium Tours, a travel company based in Austin, Texas for group study abroad trips! This weekend from Sept. 9-11, all 38 of us premed students went to Paris! Collectively, we all went to The Pasteur Institute to view all Louis Pasteur’s home and lab where he developed fermentation and discovered racemization and vaccination. Following that, we split up and decided to explore the city either by foot or via bike tour (The picture is … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Europe: Exploring Belgium

For our first weekend trip, some friends and I wanted to travel somewhere fairly close to familiarize ourselves with the transportation system. We ended up finding the town of Bouillon, Belgium which matched our criteria of having a castle, being less than 5 hours away, and having an inexpensive hostel. Bouillon is a gorgeous small town with a homey vibe that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quiet weekend trip. However, getting there was an adventure that we did not anticipate. We planned the trip out very carefully using the Eurail app and bus schedule for the area. … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Maastricht: Lessons From the First Few Days

It’s been a crazy past few days as my group has traveled to Maastricht and settled into this beautiful city. Millennium Tours did an excellent job coordinating all our travel and everything went smoothly, despite a flight delay. Even though our adventure only started a few weeks ago, I’ve learned many important lessons. 1. The ability to be flexible is so crucial to having a good experience. I learned that plans are going to change without much notice even before I boarded the plane to Amsterdam. The airline we took has a weight restriction on carry on bags so my bags were weighed at the … [Read more...]


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