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Study Abroad France: Midnight in Paris

Upon arriving to Paris I was a bit anxious. News headlines flooded my mind as I anticipated this trip. We arrived to Hotel Novotel and all my worries washed away as we were greeted by friendly concierge and guests— the comfortable beds, cool AC, and Eiffel Tower view out of our window didn’t hurt either! We dumped our bags on the green and white dotted carpet and rushed out of our rooms, eager to explore the city. A gust of wind whipped through my tangled blonde curls as I stood on the edge of the river taking it in. The scene in front of me had been replicated on millions of $1 … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Europe: Toto We’re not in Kansas Anymore

Having spent a couple weeks traveling in Europe now, I’ve quickly picked up on the cultural differences from America. Although London has been most similar to the US, the differences vary from city to city. In my opinion, none of these factors are too limiting or impossible to get around. Plus, half the fun of traveling is submersing yourself in a foreign culture! It was very easy to see why our school chose Imperial College in London as our home base. Imperial has a great location in Chelsea, a nice and very safe district in the city. The streets are clean and relatively all the people … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Italy: Home is Where the Fam Is

For our last week of independent travel, Jill and I stayed in Italy, but we got to meet up with some familiar faces. My mom, dad, brother (Ryan) and his girlfriend (Stephanie) made the long trek over here to gallivant around Italy with us (and give us a free place to stay for a week). It was absolutely delightful having the comfort of family over here as well as having other people plan what to do and navigate where to go. Although we went to many different places around Italy including Sienna, Tuscany, Cinque Terra, and Venice, Florence was our home base for the week. Everywhere we went was … [Read more...]


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