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Study Abroad Prague: To Tour or Not To Tour

Let me start by saying, before this trip abroad I was never very interested in taking tours. I considered myself pretty independent and I’ve always preferred to wander off by myself rather than stay in guided groups of people. When traveling I took notice of famous landmarks, read the information on the plaques, looked around, and thought I saw all there was to see. After this trip abroad with Millennium Tours, I realized I had been traveling the wrong way all this time. One of my favorite parts about London, Rome and Prague have been the guided tours in each place. Along with having … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Prague: A Humbling Awakening

We found ourselves in Prague last weekend! The tour guide that Millennium Tours arranged for us could not have been better. After a few of us expressed interest in visiting Terezin, a concentration camp during WWII, he offered to take four hours of his day to take us after the group tour concluded on Saturday. Thousands of tombstones solemnly greeted us as we arrived at Terezin. Etched into the stones were the names of people who breathed their last breaths on the same grounds we now stood. Several of the stones remained nameless and were instead marked with a number, resting above … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Italy: Tour de Amalfi Coast

Our first week of independent travel, well the first 9 days, was definitely one for the books. Unfortunately, our traveling trio became a duo because Brooke was gallivanting around Italy with her family, but Jill and I made due. We decided to celebrate being done with classes with a relaxing 9 days on the Amalfi Coast. The Amalfi Coast is a string of cities that are packed together in rocky cliffs right by the water. These cities stacked on the hills are made up of brightly colored buildings, clear water, and beautiful beaches, therefore making them the perfect place to relax and get some … [Read more...]

Studying Abroad London: Walking the Streets of My People

A few weeks before I left Texas to come to London, my mom told me that I was of Czech descent. Not texas-czech like most people, but actually from the Czech Republic. This new tid-bit made me exponentially more excited for my upcoming trip to Prague. The third weekend of BGB, a group ventured off to Prague, with the help and guidance of Millennium tours. Having an English-speaking tour guide, set tours for the weekend, and a safe hotel made the experience much easier and enjoyable. Our guide had a funny accent, seeing as English was not his first language, but he was fantastic. By far … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Europe: 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Traveling To Rome

Last weekend I spent four incredible days soaking up the sun in Rome. I spent my days sight seeing, eating my weight in pizza/pasta, and spending far too much money. As I was standing in the 200+ person line to enter back into the UK, I was reflecting on my Italian adventures and what I wish I would have known before going. Your table will always be stalked with fresh bread, but don’t be fooled, as soon as you take a bite you will be charged for it. (Although the bread is so delicious I always found it worth the 3-5€) There are fountains everywhere around the city, bring a water … [Read more...]

Study Abroad England: a Trip to Dover

I have been in London for 4 days now and thus far the most foreign thing I’ve done was waking up at 6:30am on a Saturday morning. My alarm went off and instantly sent a painful shock through my exhausted body; it was time to head to Dover. On three jet-lagged hours of sleep and two cups of coffee, I made my way down towards the tube. After an hour and half train ride, and a few delirious conversations with my neighbor, we had arrived. Stepping off of the bus you could immediately tell Dover had a distinctly different feel from London’s crowded streets; it was a quiet, quaint little town … [Read more...]

Studying Abroad London: Trying to be Local

I hate being touristy. I hate looking like a tourist. But I love seeing all the sights. Kind of a problem, isn’t it? My goal is to feel like a local by the end of the trip, and I am easily on my way to that goal. Feeling like a local in a place that you are living in for a month is crucial, and honestly one of the most fun parts of studying abroad. The great thing about our program is that once classes are over for the day, we have so much freedom to do what we want to do, see what we want to see, and live how we want to live. Yet it is still impossible to avoid the word “AMERICAN … [Read more...]

Studying Abroad London: Trying to be Local

The first thing I noticed when I hopped off the plane at London Heathrow was how many people there were. I’m talking thousands upon thousands of people waiting in one line to get their passports stamped. Talk about being claustrophobic-something I will have to get over really quick here. After my group left the airport we had about a 45-minute bus ride to Imperial College, located in South Kensington. South Kensington is only about 3 miles away from the heart of London but you might as well be in another part of the country as it is its own town. This place is incredible. Have you ever … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Denmark: Tivoli Gardens

For our last weekend of travel before school ended, we decided to go up to Denmark and stay in Copenhagen. We booked a really cozy Air BnB and enjoyed the cool weather before our approaching independent travel in Italy. On Friday we walked all throughout Copenhagen seeing a lot of different sites, mostly regarding Hans Christian Andersen thanks to me and a report I had to do over him. Sadly, Saturday was spent studying and writing papers in the comfort of our Air Bnb, therefore proving that we did, in fact, study this summer. After working hard on Saturday, Sunday was our day of fun, and we … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Europe: STUDYING Abroad

Studying abroad may look pretty glamorous from the pictures you see but don’t kid yourself, we are studying abroad. Studying abroad is exactly that, studying. . . abroad. ‘Abroad’ is the best part but when the reality of school comes around and hits you, it hits you hard. We are going to talk about three points that will help you, should you choose to accept them, when you study abroad. My biggest piece of advice, don’t wait until the last minute. It’s burning people out and I hate to see it. Take my word for it, get ahead while you can. Finals week is upon us and everyone is cramming for … [Read more...]


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