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Study Abroad Spain: Barcelona & The Trip Home

Hola Amigos! I am writing to you from the comfort of my own bedroom back in Texas! Well, I did it! I have travelled around the globe and all over Europe and back and my semester abroad could not have been more of a dream. The very last place I visited on my travel adventures was the beautiful country of Spain. Spain is rich with culture, great food, beautiful artwork and has an incredible atmosphere. My friends and I visited Barcelona and Madrid before making our way back to The Netherlands and eventually flying back home to Texas. First I will start with Barcelona. Wow, what an … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Italy: The Best of Rome

Ciao! I am writing to you from the beautiful and very sunny country of Italia! Last week, my study abroad grouping finished up our classes for the semester, woohoo! After we wrapped up our final projects and tests, we are given 20 days of “independent travel” to finish up our semester abroad before we head back to Texas. My group of four decided to ditch the cold weather up in The Netherlands and head south to the land of pizza, gelato, Michelangelo and the great Roman Empire! We flew straight from The Netherlands down to Roma, Italia! The weather could not be better: sunny and in the 70’s and … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Europe: Cities I Loved & Reasons You Should Visit Them Too

Paris, France: Because who doesn't want to visit the city of love. This city was absolutely magical. The streets were amazing to walk in and the tourists were many. This city is one of the best for me because I had heard so much and learnt so much about it without actually seeing it. I had been taking French classes for about 10 years of my life and it was quite time that I visit the country and put my questionable French skills to the test. It doesn't matter if you do not like the language or speak it - the food, people and culture should be enough to lure you here. I spent a week in … [Read more...]

Group Travel Ireland: Dublin – A Stereotype’s Dream

Like most Americans, I have a bit of Irish in me. Okay, maybe I have more than a bit; I did inherit the ginger hair and the pasty skin, and I might have grown up listening to bands like the Irish Tenors. I also might attend 3-4 Irish pride festivals every year. What can I say? I enjoy connecting with my roots, and when the opportunity arose for me to visit Dublin, I could not pass it up. I did, however, have these somewhat mixed feelings about a trip to a country which had contributed so much to my individual self, and I worried that I would be treated as just another dumb American making … [Read more...]


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