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How to Make The Most of Your Time Studying Abroad

What is most important? Travelling to as many different places in a short amount of time, or travelling to a single place for a little bit longer amount of time? This is the hard decision that I have to make while traveling in Europe over these three months. With my program through Baylor, we get to travel on the weekends, Thursday through Sunday. So the tough question is, do we go to one place over a weekend or try and hit two cities in one? Well, this past weekend my travel group and I decided that we would see how it goes travelling to two cities in one short weekend and be back in … [Read more...]

Group Travel Hungary: When in Budape(sh)t…

When in Budapest, the first thing you do is to pronounce the name of the city as Budape(sh)t and not Budapest! Budapest is unique city, different and definitely cheaper from any other European city I have been to on my travels. The city and the culture of its people is definitely eclectic, as I saw architecture, cultural practices and atmosphere with attributes similar to those seen in Asian and middle eastern cultures. What to do in Budapest? There are so many fun things you can do! The first thing I recommend doing is taking some sort of tour, which would provide you with … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Germany: The ‘Osties’ at Home

On a rainy Rose Monday in Aachen, I begin my 6-hour train ride to Berlin, Pankow Station, former suburban oasis of East German politicians and secret police. I have been invited to stay at the home of Herbert and Heidrun Hoffmann, members of the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) and avid square dancers. The train route into Berlin still takes the same route from West to East used during the GDR years. It is easy to tell that the train has entered former East Germany, as each side of the track is lined with barriers both natural and man-made in order to hinder the sight of villages … [Read more...]

Group Travel Paris: Planning Your Time in Paris in 5 Simple T’s

Time: 4:36pm Where: Paris, France At: Shakespeare and Company Bookstore (upstairs in the Library Section)   1.Trains If you are in Paris, you have to know how to move around in Paris. First things first, know how to use the train system! Do not be like me and jump on the train going in the opposite direction and adding an extra hour to my already long journey. There are basically 2 train systems that you will use. The RER goes from zone to zone in Paris and the Metro, the second train system moves within zones mostly in central Paris. In order to know your stops and … [Read more...]

Study Abroad The Netherlands: At Home in Maastricht

I have made it a week in my new home here in Maastricht, The Netherlands! It feels as though I have been here forever! Our group finished up our travels getting to Europe with Millennium Tours. Millennium Tours is a group based travel company that is located in Austin, Texas. Boy did Millennium Tours take care of us our first week here in Europe! After our incredible and adventurous trip to Greece, we finally made it to Maastricht, the place we have all been anticipating to get to for so long. We began our first two days in Maastricht with orientation, which was a chance for us to all … [Read more...]

Group Travel Amsterdam: I AMsterdam!

Time: 9:30pm. February 2016 Where: Amsterdam At: The train on the Way Back to Maastricht Event: Chinese New Year I AMsterdam! Amsterdam is a pretty well known city, so I had my expectations, and the city did deliver. I got all I expected and more. Since I am currently staying in a more quiet, less busy part of the Netherlands, Maastricht, I was glad to go away on a day trip to somewhere a little more exciting, and lively. All the things I got to experience were wonderful from the Madame Tussauds (although I should have waited to see the London branch, which houses the wax … [Read more...]

Group Travel Greece: Tips for Travel

Time: 3:56pm Where: KLM flight to Amterdam At: 10E (a middle seat, unfortunately) Greece! I am leaving you! Tip for traveling Athens in January: Layer up! Cold can dull many experiences and will make you want to go back into the warmth quicker! If you are carrying a backpack, take the minimum amount of things you think you need. Wear your most comfortable shoes cause Athens is basically one city that I can say never goes straight, only up or down. My second day in Athens was even more amazing than the first! We went on a day cruise to three Islands and the only thing I can … [Read more...]


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