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Group Travel Europe: What My Experiences Taught Me

Europe for three months. At first this didn’t seem like a long enough time, but as my time is coming to a close on this part of my life, I realize how important home truly is. I have learned an enormous amount about myself and others and how myself and others interact and affect each other. I have trekked through the Alps, napped in a Parisian park, gone paragliding in Switzerland, and seen more of World War II history than I ever thought I would.   I have experienced the good and the bad. I learned how to be forthcoming with people even when it was uncomfortable and I have also … [Read more...]

Group Travel Europe: Travel Tips

Isn’t the majority of life really just pretending we know what we’re doing? It’s exactly the same with navigating travel on a European adventure. I am here to help just the smallest bit with a few firsthand accounts and tips I’ve learned by accident.           Trains in Europe are the most popular method of transport. They connect country after country, and a chunk of any European adventure will be spent on trains. Knowing how to not get kicked off is imperative. First of all, traveling with a Eurail pass will make life 100 times easier. That pass will get you on all IC and ICE trains without … [Read more...]

Group Travel Prague: Czech It Out

The Czech Republic is a beautiful mix of old and young, classic and contemporary. The past becomes real, alive. The country has a pulse. A living, breathing landscape. From the Great Moravian Empire to the Kingdom of Bohemia in 1212, to a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire during the Great War then Czechoslovakia, finally coming to rest as the Czech Republic, this little 30,450 square miles of land has had many names and has seen its fair share of war. But now the republic is ranked the 11th most peaceful country in the world. The Czech people are proud of their little corner of the world. … [Read more...]

Group Travel Europe: What to Eat & Where to Stay

Food is very important to me. You can learn a lot about a country or region by tasting the local drinks and dishes. Thinking about all the delicious and decadent possibilities travelers face in Europe is eternally exciting. With all the culinary treasures at your fingertips it’s hard to go wrong. Of course there are the obvious: in Italy Margherita pizza, created to model the Italian flag on your plate; in Belgium fries with mayonnaise and fluffy and sugary waffles; in the Netherlands herring covered in raw onion and stroopwaffels; trdelník in the Czech Republic; pretzels and pilsners in … [Read more...]

Group Travel Italy: Rome, The Eternal City

Rome is called the Eternal City because Romans believe that no matter how many empires would rise or fall, Rome would remain. I believe the Romans are right. From the popular story surrounding Rome’s founding, to Julius Caesar, to Audrey Hepburn riding a Vespa with Gregory Peck, AND Lizzie McGuire singing about what dreams are made of, Rome provided a spectacular background for a spectacular visit, all set up thanks to Millennium Tours, who specializes in group travel trips such as this. The two hour flight from Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport to Rome’s Fiumicino, following an 8-hour long-haul … [Read more...]

Group Travel France: Musee du Louvre

Paris is known for a lot of things: its food, its wine, its people and its sights. There is a laundry list of beautiful, historical locations to see when you visit the capital city. You have the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Elysées and Notre Dame cathedral. But for art lovers like me one place tops my list without question: the Louvre.   In high school I took my first art history class. For every piece of artwork we had to memorize the title, artist, date and where the work is displayed. I soon learned that it I forgot the location of a work of art on the test, … [Read more...]


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