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Baylor in Oxford: Becoming a Hiker at Rhossili Beach

I’ll admit that when I pictured studying abroad, it often involved visiting big cities and eating a lot of great food. And while that has definitely been a big part, I’m surprised that my most enjoyable days of group travel have been when we’re just exploring the countryside. I’ve never been a hiker, but it seems that that being in the UK is bringing out my adventurous nature. The first time I realized this was on our third day in the UK – our whole group took a day trip from where we were staying in Wales to visit Rhossili Beach. Our group tour guide the day before had told us that … [Read more...]

Study Tips for Studying Abroad

While the Baylor in Maastricht program offers you the opportunity for group travel all over Europe, it also offers you the opportunity to get 14 credit hours completed. It seems great thinking that you can get a college semester’s worth of hours out of over the way over the summer, while being able to see the world too. It’s truly the best of both worlds, but it is very important to remember that academics is the main priority. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up to balance both school and travel: Always keep one simple rule in your mind: You are a student first and a traveler second. … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Netherlands: Maastricht is Home

It’s a Sunday evening, the breeze is just right, and I’m currently sitting at a table in front of one of my favorite cafés in Maastricht. It’s still sunny, the birds are chirping, and the Town Hall bell is ringing. My laptop is out with my American Government E-Textbook open, trying to complete an assignment that’s due tomorrow, but I can’t help but take in my surroundings. From where I’m sitting, I have a perfect view of town square. Me and my fellow people watchers (mostly the elderly) are sitting, eating our meals, and watching the bikers, shoppers, and young couples go by. I’ve been … [Read more...]

Group Travel France: A Weekend in Paris

The moment I stepped off the train into Paris, I was giddy with excitement. Visiting this historic and romantic city, featured in countless films and photographs, has long since been a dream of mine. As part of our group travel we stayed in a cute Parisian apartment that we rented off of AirBnB, which is a website where people across the globe temporarily rent their homes to travelers like myself. It is an excellent alternative to hostels, and a cheap way to have an authentic experience when traveling. Naturally, our first destination was the Eiffel tower. The Eiffel tower is even more grand … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Germany: Exploring Berlin

Berlin is an exciting city with an interesting mix between old and new. After a not so easy seven-hour train, my ten friends and I arrived and set out to explore this unique city. It’s important and makes for the most fun to travel with a group that have similar traveling styles as you. I am fortunate to have found a group of friends that make traveling an absolute blast and are just as up for adventure as I am. I especially appreciated this easy-going group travel nature of my traveling companions as we missed not one, but three of our trains. Evidentially, German trains are susceptible to … [Read more...]


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