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Student Group Travel London, England

When I think of London, a million lights and sounds flood my mind at once. I was fortunate enough to travel there with three lovely girls for a two and a half day adventure which transitioned quickly into a go-with-the-flow trip after we immediately got lost when trying to find our hostel. We stayed in the fun and quirky Clink 78, established within a renovated courthouse. After getting ourselves situated, we headed out to hunt down dinner. Our destination: Piccadilly Circus. In true English fashion, gray storm clouds rolled in, drenching the town in an off and on shower just cold enough to … [Read more...]

Prague’s Easter Market: Study Abroad Maastricht

When organizing travel plans, we couldn’t have chosen a more perfect weekend to venture to Eastern Europe’s most romantic and adored city, Prague. Pleasantly surprised when entering Old Town Square, three other American students and I were greeted with ornately decorated stands crowding the streets, colorful ribbons and flowers dressing the birch tree twigs, cheerful music entertaining the crowds and intricately designed Easter eggs revealing the theme of the festivities. We quickly discovered our weekend choice lied on the opening day of Prague’s annual Easter market, an appeal for both … [Read more...]

Adventures in Interlaken, Switzerland

Studying abroad is quickly turning into one of the best experiences of my life, but it is also one of the busiest and most tiring times of my life. When I’m not traveling to incredible new places, I’m planning trips. When I’m not planning, I’m doing homework. When I’m not doing homework, I’m spending quality time with my study abroad peers. It’s a constant cycle that leaves little time for true relaxation and downtime. As a person who doesn’t want to waste one moment or miss one experience, I love the fast pace environment, but the need for a restful weekend started getting greater and greater … [Read more...]

10 Things A Study Abroad Traveler Must Pack

Having passed the halfway point in my European semester, I can confidently say I’m a savvy packer. I have a list of the unnecessary and the necessary. Before this trip, some may have considered me a slight over-packer – the more sugarcoated expression. However, after six weekends of traveling through Europe’s back door, I’ve learned how to systematically organize the essentials into one bag for backpacking during the winter months. Here is a list of 10 basic items important for travel: Necessary Documents There is a list of documents every traveler should always carry. Be sure to secure … [Read more...]

The Phases of Studying Abroad: Baylor in Maastricht

“Which phase are you in?” I asked my roommate, Dannielle, as we sat in our dorm room. She was understandably confused by my question, so I tried to clarify what I meant. “Does everything in Europe still feel new to you? Are you feeling ready to go home? Which phase of living in a new place are you in?” I explained. She paused to think for a moment, looked at me with a sincere smile, and answered, “I’m settled.” I have now been in Europe for nearly seven weeks studying abroad in Maastricht, Netherlands. Choosing to study abroad was certainly a leap of faith for my 45 study abroad peers … [Read more...]

A Short Weekend in Budapest, Hungary

One of my favorite parts of studying abroad is the spontaneity of it all. I can safely say this is the only time in my life where I’ll be able to travel to a new country every weekend, choosing destinations as I go, with 45 friends my age. Sometimes our weekend destinations are carefully chosen and thought out, and other times, like last weekend, we make a quick decision the night we have to tell our sponsors where we’re traveling for the weekend. For three friends and I, this snap decision landed us in Budapest, Hungary. Budapest wasn’t necessarily on my list of must-see destinations, … [Read more...]

Group Travel to Interlaken, Switzerland

Switzerland may be notorious for its highly inflated prices, but each franc paid for the magic of the Swiss Alps, the fresh crisp air and the savory meat and cheese fondue. Interlaken was the perfect weekend destination. Leaving was nearly impossible after experiencing some of life’s craziest adventures in one of Europe’s most naturally stunning cities, but at least a weekend didn’t completely drain the bank account. Traveling to Interlaken can be fairly smooth and painless by train. Three of my study abroad friends and I took a nine-hour train ride from Maastricht, Netherlands to … [Read more...]

The Hills Are Alive in Salzburg, Austria

Saturday at 9 a.m. five of my friends and I gathered at the hostel’s large cafeteria for a semi delicious breakfast to discuss our afternoon’s itinerary. The previous day we spent in both Munich and Dachau touring different parts of Germany’s rich history. After an incredibly emotional tour of Dachau’s concentration camp, an exciting exploration of Munich and a quick stop at one of Germany’s famous hot chocolate shops, we realized we checked off the majority of our “have to” list in one day. When we were planning the weekend, we had every intention of staying in Munich the whole time, but with … [Read more...]


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