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Study Abroad Paris: City of Lights

This week I had my first test as part of studying abroad, and although that was not fun at all, visiting Paris, France was. We left for The City of Lights around 7AM Thursday morning and ended up getting there around 3:00-4:00 due to missing a connecting train. After we arrived it took us all around 5 minutes to completely understand the Metro system. (TIP: The app called "Paris Metro" really helps, and basically eliminates the need for using a metro map.) After settling into our hostel we decided to go to the Arc De Triumphe since it was on the way to the Metro. After that we rode over to … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Paris: There’s Something in The Water

When one thinks of Paris thoughts of love, romance, and beauty often come to mind. Movies like Midnight in Paris and Ratatouille make you want to skip along the cobblestone streets, travelling back in time to visit the cafés where Hemmingway and Camus conjured thoughts of art and intellect. While this stereotype of Paris might initially seem a bit whimsical (and tacky), the Parisians truly helped me further understand the art of life. Visual Art If the common tourist took 30 seconds to view each piece of art at The Louvre, it would take 2 weeks of 24-hour days. Although it was touristy, … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Paris: Merci and Au Revoir!

Merci and Au Revoir! This weekend we went to Paris and let me tell you, it was one of the most fun trips I have ever been on in my life. There is so much to see and so much to do. If you are interested in studying abroad in Europe, you HAVE to go to Paris. There is no doubt about it. This is Notre Dame, one of the many free sights to see in Paris.                   The thing about Paris is you either love it or you hate it. It is crowded, the traffic is horrible, there are some sketchy areas, and there is a lot of petty crime. These are some of the things I was told before I went, and … [Read more...]

Group Travel Switzerland: A View From The Top

Hey fellas! Well for my second weekend of studying abroad in Europe we decided to go ahead and take a train out to Switzerland. We had to wake up at around 6AM and ended up reaching Zurich at around 3 or 4. Most of the main things started to close around 6 so by the time we got settled into our hostel it was too late to do all the big things. However, we did roam the city. And it was incredibly beautiful, being basically built on a river. We wandered through old town and scavenged for Swiss chocolate. Nothing too exciting that day. (This brings me to TIP 1: try to take night trains! Not only … [Read more...]

Group Travel Switzerland: A Catalyst for Adventure

The origin of the word adventure is based on the Latin word adventurus meaning “about to happen.” A family friend who has made billions as an entrepreneur once told that adventure is “a journey in which the destination is unknown.” Adventure suggests danger, excitement, risk. Anticipation. One might think of Bilbo’s journey from the Shire, William Wallace, or even Adventure Time. In all seriousness my roommate Dillon and I tasted pieces of adventure this weekend during our excursion in Switzerland. After 14 hours of trains (we usually got off at the correct station…), we finally arrived in … [Read more...]

Group Travel Switzerland: The Hills Are Alive

I just got back from the Swiss Alps and it feels like I just stepped out of a dream and back into reality. This weekend, we went to Interlocken in Switzerland and it was hands-down the most beautiful place I have ever been to. I’d like to think of myself as worldly and cultured, but travelling to the mountains made me realize just how much I have not seen of the world. The vastness of the mountains, the expanse of water, and the quiet stillness of the night left me in awe and wanting more. One of the many beautiful views of the mountains in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.                   … [Read more...]

Study Abroad: Maastricht Keeps It Classy!

Our plane pulled into the gate at 7:15 am at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol after a nine hour flight and seven hour time change from Houston, TX (you do the math). Exhausted from a few hours of broken sleep and running on the nutrients from a cheesy microwave noodle dinner, I had some slumber-party stomach to say the least. A bag mix-up in the baggage claim, meeting up with the intern from Maastricht University, and riding to our new home at the University in a bus for the next three to four hours doubled the original exhaustion from the overnight plane. I struggled to keep my eyelids open to … [Read more...]

Study Abroad Netherlands: Grand Beginnings

My first weekend in Europe: We reached Amsterdam at around 7 Am (Netherlands Time) via KLM Airlines. Millennium tours really did a great job as our bus, guides, and train passes were all waiting for us when we arrived. We promptly boarded the bus and were off to Maastricht. We stopped halfway at a small restaurant, where I paid to use the restroom the first time in my life (crazy, right?) We arrived at Maastricht and sort of just packed and hung out the rest of the day. I explored the city a little bit and got lost. I bought a SIM card for my phone, I was sort of did it blindly as … [Read more...]

Study Abroad: Hello Europe!

group travel

Hello Europe! We have only been here in Maastricht for about a week, and I am already in love with this city! The people are so nice and helpful, the buildings are BEAUTIFUL, and all of the Baylor students on the trip are friendly and inviting. Though we haven’t been together long, I can already tell that this fall is going to be a wonderful experience. First off, the plane ride to Amsterdam was amazing. The staff was so nice and accommodating, and even the food was good! I am so thankful to Millennium Tours for booking such a wonderful airline! Millennium Tours is a group travel agency … [Read more...]

Scotland Group Travel: A Seat at The Top

It was magnificent!  Like something out of a fairytale.  The view took my breath away more than the hike to get there did.  The rolling hills stretched out before me as far as the eye could see.  Houses and buildings grouped together spanned out across the hill side.  On the other side of me the ocean kissed the horizon.  I could feel the cool breeze coming in off of the bay, brushing across my face and picking up my hair to dance as the wind gently passed me by.  The radiant sun was slowly disappearing behind the mountain range in front of me, but not before painting the bay with its pink and … [Read more...]


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