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Group Travel: In [Stair]case of Emergency

It didn't take long on this student group travel tour to discover I was made to be a Londoner; the transportation system has become my new best friend, and I have yet to be bothered by the cramped, sweaty spaces. It is a beautiful thing to disappear beneath the bustling city streets, snake through tunnels to hop onto the right tube, and find oneself blocks away on a completely different side of the city. I believe it is the closest way to “apparating” you can get, without actually being a wizard. I have yet to get lost on the busy streets of London during my group travel adventures, a … [Read more...]

Group Travel: Traversing the UK

We do a lot of walking in student group travel. Of course it’s understandable that we’d walk most everywhere in London, but something I didn’t consider before our arrival was the amount of pavement pounding I’d be in for in all of the smaller towns we set off to in afternoons after class. Our first encounter with the walking way was on Friday when Dr. Weaver took us on a 5.5 hour walking tour of the city. Down Exhibition Road we went, first to see the Hyde Park Gate closest to our dorms, then all the way down to the end of the road where we were introduced to our local tube stop and the … [Read more...]

Everybody’s Somebody in Bern, Switzerland

My train pulled into the Bern central station two hours late. I peered through the foggy windows into the dimly lit station and called the mystery number in my phone. “Is this Sam?” I asked.  “Yes. Is this Vince?”  “Yep.”  “Great. See you soon.”  I walked towards the main hub of the train station and saw my friend Caleb standing with a group of three guys. One of three flagged me down and introduced himself as Sam.  “So you’re the one we’re staying with?” I asked.  “Yep. Welcome to Bern,” he spoke quietly but smiled warmly. Sam introduced me to his friends Benji and Gardner and then … [Read more...]

Group Travel Bloggers Take on Europe

  Millennium Tours is pleased to announce the newest additions to the student group travel bloggers team this summer! Traveling with Baylor University's Baylor in Great Britain program (an educational travel tour Millenium Tours has been arranging for 29 years), these travel writers in training will document their adventures, and they invite you to come along. Get to know our bloggers!   Hello! I am an incoming junior at Baylor University where I am a Corporate Communications major. I also like to dabble in literature, philosophy, and things I consider to be … [Read more...]

Group Travel to Europe: Unexpected Expectations

Throughout the past school year, I couldn't stop thinking about this student group travel trip. Ecstasy, intrigue, curiosity, anxiety—I felt about every emotion possible. Whenever I found myself babbling about educational group travel to friends or dreaming up scenarios in my head about what Paris would be like, I would always try to bring myself back down to earth by keeping my expectations to a minimum. I had never been abroad before, and I did not know what to expect. I tried to go into this group travel program with no expectations. That way, no matter what happened, I would be happy. I … [Read more...]

History Tours to Germany: Confronting the Past

Student group travel doesn't always look like dancing the night away in Spain or living on a diet of cheese and chocolate. Sometimes when we travel, we encounter the not-so-pretty parts of history. What we do with that knowledge and experience is up to us. Read how student group travel blogger Vince Greenwald confronts an ugly reality during his trip to Germany (read with care as this post will cover more sensitive topics).   Last Friday, I went to a Concentration Camp. Just outside of the sleepy, historic town of Weimar is Buchenwald. Two hundred and fifty thousand inmates … [Read more...]

Group Travel to Europe: Front Row Seat to Awesome

John Mayer. Amsterdam. Front row. Just let that sink in. This weekend, the sasstastic six of my student group travel program ventured to Amsterdam to see John Mayer in concert. I must admit, ever since he took the stage Friday night, I have been mesmerized and unable to listen to anything but John Mayer—it’s a little extreme but I think I may have found my wedding song. It wasn't just John Mayer being within five feet that made this a day to remember, I was making new friends and learning a few European tricks along the way to use during group travel to Europe. I purchased the … [Read more...]


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